27 February 2011

Mustache Madness

Recently a Mustache Extravaganza was thrown in honor of all my 22 years.

Let's just say I loved it....from the photo shoot to the party games. The Birthday cake to the veggie tray, and the cake pops....OH THE CAKE POPS!

Thanks everyone for sweet gifts, fun conversation and a mustache celebration.

And thanks Bree for loving me enough to put it all together.

23 February 2011

Multiple Choice

A complete knowledge of the location of all the pacifiers in the house implies that:

a) the laundry is clean
b) the apartment is organized
c) the dishes are done
d) the Oliver is happy
e) all of the above

Those babies are teensy and get misplaced far too easily, so if I know where they all are then our place must be sparkling.

18 February 2011

Never Ever

I never thought I would make a quilt. Ever.

I am delighted to inform you all, however, that on this day, February 18, 2011, at approximately 2:45 a.m. I completed one while watching Monk with my ShaNeil friend.

This quilt is made from pieces of Jesse's old t-shirts which he refused to throw away (because he has an emotional attachment to everything) and I refused to hold on to under the illusion that they might one day fit again. 

It is a simple quilt, somewhat boring even, but it took me a year to complete and I am proud of it. I have learned a lot and at this very moment I feel like I could make anything in the world...

I wish to thank my mentors: Jo, Bree and Angela for help and support.

Hopefully now that he has a new blanket, he will throw away his ratty old one...fat chance though. There is an unexplained emotional attachment to that too.

15 February 2011

In a word...

My birthday was STUPENDOUS!

Like this one when Jesse did all my chores and made me a delectable dinner...

And the last one when I got to see Oliver in chicken nugget form for the first time...

And the time my Ashley friend sent me a singing telegram in the form of a gorilla...

And the time my Amelia friend and her family took me to Canada to stay that the Empress...

And the time I had a party at the Lion House (I still dream of those tuna sandwiches)...

Yeah, I've had some pretty fantastic birthdays in my time.

I have loved every one of them.

Thank you for the memories and the birthday wishes.

08 February 2011

I walked in the door with a disgruntled Oliver J. after a longish road trip.

We commenced the nighttime routine...turn down the lights, apply a fresh diaper and maybe some sleepy lotion, clean pj's, and so on.

"I've never heard a goblin but I think this is what they sound like"

Jesse said while Oliver was shrieking for his bottle.

"It's nice to have you both home."

He concluded.