30 December 2010

The Story of Jesse's Life: Neckties

When we were first married, I asked Jesse what he wanted for Christmas...he wasn't sure....so I gave him some options...

socks? music? movies? ties???

His response: "I already have a couple of ties. I don't need anymore."

My dad has MANY ties so this was almost offensive to me...almost.

I decided to give it some time.

Luckily my parents gave him one for Christmas.

One that he liked.


Since then, his eyes have opened to a whole wide world of ties. He likes recieving them, and has even picked some out for himself on occassion.

This Christmas season he was given three ties and a tie hanger. He liked it all so much he wanted a picture...

29 December 2010

Picture a Christmas:

 First Becca fix in over 4 months...
Epically delectable dinner of roast with mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy
Shepherds and a Wiseguy
Jesse was a Wiseguy with a silver mullet
...When Joseph went to Bethlehem.
We Three Kings
Christmas Morning
 A Snuggie for Seth
Mess Man opens his gift

We spent Christmas in Cedar City with the Moses family...everyone but Chad's family and Greg who spent his holiday serving the Lord in England. It was two days of good food, great fun, and a grand time. I'm happy to report that Emma loved the gift I picked out for her...which is super, because I was worried.
I always have a hard time without my own family or traditions but Jesse's family makes up for what is missing when I'm with them. I love them all and am looking forward to the next time we see them.
Later that same weekend we drove to Salt Lake to visit my family. We caught Gina and Andre on the last two days of their trip, and got to spend time with everyone.
Oliver soaked up all the sights and sounds, enjoyed as much stray wrapping paper as he could get his hands on, and smiled at everyone he saw.
On the whole, I declare that this Christmas was a success in every way.
We made it back to E-town last night...just in time to miss the second big storm of the season.

23 December 2010


Today I feel like a Scrooge!


Hopefully I'll be over it tomorrow.

22 December 2010

While walking home tonight in the wee hours of the morning (our cars are stranded in their respective parking spaces, but we HAD to go eat fried tacos and play Wii with Russel and ShaNeil), Jesse and I happened across the statue of Lorenzo and Erastus...playing in the snow. I was thoroughly amused.

21 December 2010

The Wintry Day Descending to Its Close

It's days like these I wish the world would stop so I could enjoy them properly...inside with a blanket, a season or three of lost, and an open window displaying the falling flakes outside.

Unfortunately this was not the perfect snow day. Jesse and I both had to work (he was an hour late because first he, and then the Kubota that came to help him got stuck in the parking lot), the power kept flickering, and there was just too much to be done.

It was more disruptive than enjoyable.

I find that when the snow is destructive and stubborn like this, I feel helpless and stuck.

Hopefully tomorrow the storm will be lighter, and the day more enjoyable. Jesse, Ollie Bird, and I are free to stay home and sleep as late as we please.

We're crossing our fingers that the weather improves dramatically by the weekend.

18 December 2010

In Which I Try My Hand at Holiness

Today I literally happened across a post called "As A Holy Woman Would" by a woman named Amie on her blog "Life With the Boys".
From her post:
"Pick one thing a day, and do it as a Holy Woman would..."
"It can be a regular ordinary day thing, just do it with proper Spirit and appreciation..."
"Everything we do can be done better, with more peace, with deeper intent, from doing our daughters' hair to driving the carpool to cleaning the grout on our tiled floors."
I was inspired, so I went out shoveled the snow outside my apartment.

Today is a Saturday, the first of the semester break. I assumed that maintenance would not be out shoveling for another week and a half...that has seemed to be the norm in the past.

(Alright, so I was just excited to use the new shovel and let Jesse take care of the Oliver who just woke up and was hollering for his breakfast. And I hate walking in the snow. Mostly selfish...not so holy.)

I finished with our front stoop and walkway...too easy to be holy...and I moved over to the number 6 neighbors.

The sweet neighbors who I had never met when they knocked on my front door and asked if they could give me a brand new walker for my son. Shoveling their walkway could be a way to thank them for their thoughtfulness and generosity. I began shoveling, happy for this chance to help them out.

It was quick and painless. So I moved to the number 7 neighbors.

These are the neighbors who had knocked on the front door and extended an impromptu dinner invitation after a long day, then held my screaming baby while I scarfed down my fill and bowed out. They had no idea that I hadn't gotten around to eating a whole lot that day, but I was grateful still. Later they brought a movie and popcorn for us all to share. Shoveling for them could be holy couldn't it? I started on their snow with the zeal of a Holy Woman, happy to be serving someone else.

By this time, the novelty of my new shovel had warn off. I wanted to go inside, drink some hot chocolate, laugh with Jesse, and cuddle my Oliver...who by now would be fed and happy for sure. I decided that I would take this chance to perform one more holy act of shoveling and get the rest of the main sidewalk in front of the parking lot. This could be helpful to anyone walking by...a little bit holy right?

As soon as I finished shoveling the sidewalk, a maintenance vehicle showed up and a man with a shovel hopped out. His snow removal effort, however shoddy, was now going to take the credit for my holy acts...

I was significantly bothered by this until I remembered that I was still trying to attain a status of holiness...

I realized that humbling myself, and being happy with saving work for the maintenance guy and helping my neighbors, with no merit whatsoever, would be the most holy element of my shoveling escapade. So I waved a thank you to the maintenance guy and went inside to play.

For the record...it is not holy to judge the shoddy work of the man from Physical Facilities. I know this. It is also not holy to brag about service in the spirit of getting attention or praise....but I'm not. I promise. I am blogging it to remember the lesson I learned.

17 December 2010

Sometimes I get my Crazy On...

Like the time I couldn't sleep because the clock in my room was ticking and I convinced myself it was a bomb (circa 7 years old)...

Or the time I wore my slippers to bed with elastics securing them onto my feet in case there was a fire and I didn't have time to grab my shoes (circa 8 years old)...

Then there was the time I made a game in which I wouldn't touch the floor in my room or something bad would happen (something about sharks I think)...and then I forgot that it was really OK to touch the floor (circa 9 years old)...

More recently I caught myself planning to purchase copious amounts of honey (in case I found myself in a post apocalyptic society wherein there was nothing to sweeten my ration of flour and oil like the pioneers had...or the honeybees go extinct) because it never goes bad, and I never ever want to live in a world without it.

...Don't Ask... 

13 December 2010

Good day sunlight, I'd like to say how truly bright you are.

I’ll never forget Jesse’s expression as he kissed my face and told me how beautiful our son was before he ran off to watch as they weighed and measured him. It was so full of love and adoration. It made me feel like a queen.

I was there by myself, my arms yearning to bear the weight of my infant. In that moment I tried to comprehend the magnitude of the occasion, but my head and heart knew no emotion save Joy, abundant and eternal.

I held his tiny hand for the first time until my attention was directed elsewhere. I handed him off to Jesse with strict instructions to get off the phone and look at his baby boy with no distractions.

That night we had a hard time keeping the CNA over the nursery away.

“Temperature. Temperature. We have to check his Temperature. Don’t unwrap him he will get cold. Should we put him in the incubator?”…the boy was fine.

We brought the nugget home the following night.

A Painfully Long and Boring Poem:

7:00 p.m. The nurse (Annie) plugged me in and away we went.

Jesse and I played Lego Batman to pass the time.
We watched Psych to pass some more time.
My parents called.
His parents called. They were vacationing in California. Jealousy.
I tried to read.
I asked what time it was…
…it had only been three hours.
And then Jesse fell asleep.

That’s when it started to hurt too much to focus.
I tried to watch tv…hoping for an informercial…but found that the remote wasn’t working.
I tried to sleep.
I tried to breath through the contractions…but I had never practiced…so I wasn’t very good at it.
And then I wanted a hand to squeeze
So I tried to wake Jesse…
No Luck.
So I threw my cup at him.

Jesse tried to talk to me…but it hurt to try to focus on a conversation.
He kept trying to adjust his blanket.
He told me he was cold.
He kept trying to get comfortable.
I informed him that there was no such thing as "COMFORTABLE" in my hospital room.

Contractions 1 minute apart.
For 5 more hours.

At 5:30 a.m. I told Annie that I wanted and epidural or I wanted to go home. But I couldn’t handle anymore pain.
6:00 Epidural.

It had been a long night which turned in to a long day. My socks kept falling off my feet, my leg kept falling off the bed and I was tired. The nurse came to check on me and announced that I was ready. She called the doctor who confirmed it. I was to start pushing. It was all going to be over soon…

…well two hours later and after a grand total of 22 hours in labor, Oliver J. made his entrance into the world…

The New Plan

Then came Thursday.

NST, fine.

Doctor visit…awesome.

I was informed that, If I so desired, I could take myself to the hospital that very day.

There was no question...This was the new plan.

I went home and informed my Moses friend that we were going to have a child within 24 hours. I finished the laundry, mopped the kitchen floor, made the bed and attended a housing meeting.

I remember marveling at the fact that this day would be one of the most exceptional days of my life, and I was performing menial tasks such as housework, and attending meetings.

I informed Jesse that I was going to have a baby, therefore he would treat me to any meal that I desired. So we went to Tin Plate and enjoyed overpriced Chicken Alfredo.

An ice cream cone from the Malt Shop for the road and we were on our way.

We arrived at the hospital promptly at 6:30…only to find that the doctor had told them we would be there at four…I’m even late for having my own baby.

In Which I Become Completely Disenchanted with Pregnancy and all Facets of the Experience

Sunday.July 11th. My due date. I gave up.

For days I had been having contractions. Uncomfortable, annoying, useless contractions. I stayed home from church. I watched a couple of movies. I took Jesse on a two mile walk. Some friends brought over some “Happy Due Date” cookies with delectable blue frosting. I ate them all. (Thanks again Jessica) We ate leftover Chinese food for dinner (which I made the night before, hoping to induce labor to no avail). I took my heavy body to bed, hoping that something drastic would happen during the night.

I was significantly disappointed.

My baby was now officially late.

On Monday July 12th, overdue and in my pajamas, I headed to Sanpete Valley hospital in Mt. Pleasant for my weekly NST where they tried to keep me and my cranky uterus for an extended stay. I told Charisse (my nurse) that I wasn’t ready to have a baby, and the baby wasn’t ready to be had. She didn’t believe me. She did an exam…yes that kind. It was awful. She called my doctor. A new ultrasound was ordered, but it turned out that I was right. I was scheduled to be induced the next Monday and I left with strict instructions to return on Thursday for another NST and then attend my already scheduled appointment with Dr. Christensen.

For two more days I stayed in the house ignoring the well meaning phone calls from friends, neighbors, housing, and ward members. I willed my body to get to work.


12 December 2010

Play by Play

For months I have been trying to imagine an eloquent manner with which I could tell this story. I don’t know if there is one.  It is long, but is for me to remember. So without further ado: the birth of Oliver J. Moses.

11 December 2010

This Weekend I...

...Sampled some Sweet Tooth Fairy cupcakes. My favorites are still Vanilla and Strawberry Shortcake.

...Learned what ftw means...."For the Win." But I had to look up how to use it correctly.


Pepsi is best.
Nope, cola is way better.
Pepsi ftw!

I still don't get it.

...Went to dinner with the familiars (thanks again grandpa!) and Took Jesse to see Heather's last performance in the Salt Lake Dance Center's performance of "The Night Before Christmas." 

This year (because I like to brag about her) Heather made seven appearances with two major solos, the Snow Queen and the Sugar Plum Fairy.

Don't worry. She danced BEAUTIFULLY! Jesse was impressed by how quietly she moved across the floor.

...ate at the Blue Plate Diner. My Dani friend suggested it and I was not disappointed. It was DELECTABLE! And unique! They have an honest to goodness soda fountain and plenty of awesome memorabilia eye candy. I had myself the S.M.A omelet (spinach, mushroom, avocado...never thought to put that with eggs did you?) and loved every bite. My only issue with the experience was the bum crack right in my line of sight from the girl whose pants were way too low cut...but I solved that by keeping my eye on the presidents of the United States place mat. 

...Ran a million errands.

...missed Ashley and Annie. Another time ladies.
I loved this quick trip the 801 and can't wait to go again...

09 December 2010

Rice Cereal Anyone?

We visited the doctor on Tuesday and found that Oliver J. falls into the 9th percentile for weight. Yikes right?

His new best friend: Rice Cereal

His new worst enemy: Spoons

We will patiently learn how to use a spoon. And we will quickly put some meat on this boy's bones.

08 December 2010

Scrabble Battle Continued

I played Scrabble with Jesse again last night...

He pulled out a word worth 110 points.

AND it was the first word of the game

AND he used all his tiles

Wanna know what it was?



He was, however, quick to tell me that I played a better game than him, considering that he started out with 110 points and only won the game by 45 points.

He knows I'm kind of a sore loser.


Have you seen DarlyBird yet? I think I'm in love.

07 December 2010

The Stockings Were Hung...

On the breaker box with care...

Thank you Grandma Lucy for our festive knitted stockings.

06 December 2010

In Which I Beat Jesse At Scrabble by 4 Points

Jesse always beats me at Scrabble.

So tonight when I whipped out a 45 point word and used all my tiles before Jesse could, I was a happy camper.

What word won me 45 points you ask? LUXURY with a double points on the X and a triple word tile.

Yep. I'm pretty much Awesome.

Writing this post made me think of that time in Grandma Lucy's kitchen after a game of Yahtzee when she taught me the correct uses of the words "beat" and "won."

04 December 2010

The Story of Jesse's Life: Christmas Music

Yesterday I heard Jesse exclaim, "I'm already sick of Christmas Music!"

Dude's got a long month ahead of him 'cause I know I'm not!

Bring on the Neil Diamond Christmas albums! And some earplugs for my friend.

03 December 2010

"I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living my baby you'll be."

Last night Jesse and I were headed to bed and we made a stop in Oliver J's room on the way.

We stood over his crib and watched him sleep (more like looked at the blanket lump because he likes to be completely swaddled with his face covered).

This was our exchange:

"Look at that." I said. "We made that baby..."

"How did we do that again?" Jesse asked.

To which I replied, "Be quiet. Don't ruin the moment."

"We made that baby. And I grew it. And I had it. And now every day we take care of it. And we get to keep it forever."

Then we headed off to brush our teeth and dream sweet dreams.

Sometimes I like to watch my Oliver sleep in his crib in the dark of night. The blanket lump rises and falls with each breath he takes and I think of his short mortal past and forever future. I marvel at how much I love this new little being in my life. And I wonder how often my mom used to do the same thing.

I remind myself of the mother in a book called Love You Forever by Robert Munsch. I plan to be just like her.

22 November 2010

Today I miss...

My Families.
My Ashley.
My Sal and Marie.
My Salt Lake Friends.
My Old Ephraim Friends.
My Old Wardrobe.

One day I wish for all of the people I love to live on the same block with me and my old wardrobe. Then I would dress up in my cute clothes and visit everyone whenever I fancied.

I guess if I were following the second great commandment then there wouldn't be a problem because I would love the peeps in my immediate vicinity enough to make up for the lack of the presence of those listed above.

But then there is still that issue with the clothes.


In Which I Single-Handedly Attempt a Family Portrait:

But I missed Jesse, Oliver J. and the rest of my forehead. YIKES! 

21 November 2010

Bijou Review

Oliver J. and I headed to Provo for the Bijou Market on Saturday. SO.MUCH.FUN. It was inspiring to see all of the unique merchandise.

My Favorites: Vintage Oddity and Sugar Fresh

Can't wait for next time!

19 November 2010

The Story of Jesse's Life: His Independant Woman

Yesterday, Jesse and I were chatting...about nothing really. And then he got serious.

He told me that before we were married, my soda Pop warned him that I had been raised to be responsible, capable, and independent.

I don't remember the exact words that were used, but my friend Jesse appreciates me.

He appreciates that I:

spend time with my friends regularly...and I don't ask permission
spend money when I want/need to...and I don't ask permission

He appreciates that I am responsible, capable, and independent...and I don't ask permission

I appreciate that he doesn't expect me to.

We both appreciate parents who raised responsible, capable, independent women, and respectful, patient men.

Sweethearts 2008

Funny story about the picture: Jesse looked at it the other day and said "Why did I wear a blue tie with a black shirt?" I laughed and said to myself ,"I didn't really know at the time either"...

15 November 2010

Weekend Plans

I just finished one fun weekend of Christmas shopping. I think next weekend I'll go here:

You should too.

09 November 2010

Someone asked me if I like my room mates...

I do.

*And then I accidentally told her that I was married to ShaNeil...but that's not what I meant to say. It was classic.

04 November 2010

A Recipe from Memory:

Macaroni noodles
Browned Hamburger
Tomato soup
A Grandmother’s Specialty:
“Rainbow Noodles.”

01 November 2010


Today, I woke up aspiring to earn a Master's degree...

But now that dinner is over, my only aspiration is to become the owner of a dishwasher.

31 October 2010

Just Buzzing By To Say...

P.S. Our friendlies, Emily and Robert, invited us to share dinner in a pumpkin with them...It was DELISH! I'm going to acquire the recipe and then I may-or-may-not make it every year!

21 October 2010

Nap Time

Some of our silliest napping photos:

20 October 2010

Mom and Popsicle Moses

These are my wonderful parents in law.
I love them for many reasons,
but mostly for the way they love me.