31 December 2009

Maybe a Misprint?

Jesse served his mission in Argentina...

The Argentines enjoy gummy bears...

They like to put characters on their gummy bear wrappers...ya know...

..."Dr. Bear," "Teacher Bear," and so on.

Well, maybe they should have checked their spelling for inappropriate typos.

This was supposed to be "Rapper Bear" but then something went HORRIBLY wrong...

See for yourself...

Nice huh?

18 December 2009

Ridin' Around In Our Automobile

Disclaimer: Jesse Moses has superb driving skills.

Yesterday, Jesse and I were in the car together. Jesse was driving while I was "backseat driving"...as usual.

At a stop sign, Jesse said to me,

"You know, I think you underestimate my driving capabilities."

No more than two seconds later, he stalled the car...I snickered to myself in the passenger seat.

As we drove away, Jesse clarified,

"I meant to do that."

15 December 2009

Story of Jesse's Life Part VI

Last night, Jesse took me out...to EAT no less. And it was delicious.

At ten o' clock I began to experience the most unrealistic craving for a root beer float...all I could think about was how delectable the one I has consumed the night before at Sunday Dinner had been...

"Jesse" I said.

He ignored me.

"JESSE...I need a root beer float!"

"Need or want?" he asked.

"NEED...NOW!!!" I said as calmly as I could.

So we jumped in the car and sped over to Wal-Mart for root beer float ingredients...the good ones. And as soon as we got home, I made one for me...


I was so very happy....and Moses thought I was nuts.

10 December 2009

Our New Pet...Well Sort Of

Meet Cal...short for Calefactor. Tim brought him over last night. Thank goodness too!

...and I promise to feed him, and walk him, and clean up after him, and love him! Good thing he's so low maintenance.

He will be keeping us company for a little while...at least until I give in and ask maintenance to turn our heat back on...not til I'm desperate though. The smell from those old radiators makes me sick.

09 December 2009

We're Chill

With finals week came stress and snow...but don't worry about us. We are completely "chill."

So chill in fact that ice is forming on the INSIDE of our windows
(Our "frosted window panes" are completely legit!)

You never guessed just how "cool" your favorite Moseseses could be.

06 December 2009

Decorating "Outside the Box"

Due to severe lack of space in our tiny Anderson apartment,

We decided that some "Glorified Mistletoe" would do the trick.

That's right Lovelies, our Christmas tree is on the ceiling this year.

We LOVE it!

Jesse Took These Pictures...

'Cause he thinks I'm cute.

I think that's debatable...

But I'll take the compliment!

03 December 2009

The Night Before Christmas

On December 11th and 12th, our very own DANCER OF THE YEAR will be performing in the Ballet Jeunesse' production of

"The Night Before Christmas."
(Heather is in the middle)

The girl has NINE parts.

I was in the show when they were performing at nursing homes...it is now hosted by the Rose Wagner theater in Salt Lake City.

This is a wonderful story set to motion through dance. It is great for all ages, and sets the tone for the Christmas season.

"Displaying a plethora of children’s characters along with Santa Claus, the Ballet Jeunesse Christmas presentation brings a wide variety of dance styles to the stage including the fiery flamenco, the sparkling can-can, the spirited tarantella, the reverent liturgical and the majestic classical .

The new production was written by nationally acclaimed theater director Neil Hess, and though based on the traditional “The Night before Christmas” by Clement Moore, takes an original twist and brings the audience into a swirl of magical settings including the land of the Christmas Fairy, Land of the Snow Queen, Story Book Land, the Palace of the Sugar Plum Fairy, and eventually Santa Land at the North Pole."

Tickets are $10 and can be purchased here

ps...the more tickets that are sold on behalf of Heather Childs, the better her chances are of winning a custom made Tutu, and we know how much a Dancer of the Year would love one of those. To help in this cause, contact Heather and buy the tickets directly from her.

My date Beatrice and I will be there on Saturday...so will Bryan and his new girlfriend who I am excited to meet. Hope to see you there!


01 December 2009

December is For...

Advent Calendars

Christmas Socks

And Neil Diamond Christmas Albums

Without these...you're sunk!