27 February 2010

My New Alarm Clock

The past couple of mornings I have been waking up to these...

I've never loved an alarm clock so much in my life.

23 February 2010

The Story of Jesse's Life ~Every Girl Loves Jane Austen

For the past three days I have been a dutiful British Literature student, reading my way through Northanger Abbey.

This morning I finished the novel.

I cannot say that I loved it...in fact it was a rather exasperating read.

But it was finished and I found myself ranting to Moses about the horribly self gratifying characters contained within the pages and that with every word that came out of Isabella's mouth, I just wanted to shake dear Catherine and say "WAKE UP, these people are no good for you!"

Then Jesse offered me a bored expression which said

"I'm really not interested."

And so I, being the good wife that I am, took the time to describe the plot

...ever so briefly...

that he would have a basic knowledge of who and what I was referring to, and why it all fit together.

Those of you who know me, also know that I am incapable of providing a summary...my brief description lasted about ten minutes.

until I sneezed

and Jesse said to me:

"That was your soul trying to escape from all that Jane Austen crap floating around in you head."

To which we both laughed, and then Jesse walked away so that he would not have to endure any more of my "brief descriptions"

I really can't say that I blame him.

And now, I am left to wonder why anyone would want to vacation in any place like Bath....or Venice, for that matter. All that water would have smelled absolutely horrific.

18 February 2010


Hopefully this is the last food post for a while....sorry, but food floats through my thoughts quite often as of late.

To celebrate my birthday, Valentine's day, and "Meet the Chicken Nugget" Day, Jesse and I decided to try out the new restaurant on main street....don't know the name but...


It was so delicious and so fantastically inexpensive that it is all that I've been able to think about for days!

Should you find yourself in Ephraim in the near future, you best try out this little gem of an eating establishment....and you best be taking me with you!

On main street just north of Roy's...don't blink or you'll miss it! Literally.

17 February 2010

A Delightful Alternative

Should you ever attend a birthday celebration hosted by any of these fine upstanding citizens you may be in for a surprise....

They sure know how to eat their cake!

I'm not sure exactly where in the cobwebs of our family history this this delightful tradition was adopted...but I am grateful at every birthday!

The only real way to eat cake is to:

Put it in a bowl

Pour some moo-juice over it

and slurp it up with your spoon.

This makes for an appropriate breakfast option as well...in fact that's what we do with the leftover cake the day after the party...and we enjoy it until it's gone.

*and yes,here at the Moses home we often choose disposable dishes over the real thing...it stems from our intense loathing of hand washing dishes...but that's just us.

16 February 2010

Big Day!

Yesterday I turned 21.

It was a lovely day full of great food, fun conversations with loved ones, fantastic gifts and the best part of all:

We got to see our baby boy! Hiccups and all!

He is the cutest alien I have EVER seen!

...but I do recognize that I am inclined to favor my own child over others...so please don't be offended by the previous statement...

Happy Birthday to ME!

Now, If you will excuse me...I have some cake and milk calling me from the kitchen.

And to those who worry or might be offended...wondering if they are the last to know and why I didn't tell them personally...Don't get your knickers in a knot....this is the first that the general population of the universe (save a few scattered here and there outside of close family) are hearing about the chicken nugget. It was my right to inform who I did in the manner of my choosing, when I felt that I was ready. Try not to take it personally. That is all.

01 February 2010


I am determined to do my best on the Statistics tests this week.

I have spent the weekend studying, I know all my flash cards, and I have done all of the review sections for all three chapters.

For those of you that are familiar with my derelict study habits....you can tell that I am showing serious commitment here.

Wish me luck!...please

Post Script: The stats test was passed with a 96%....THAT is awesome! Thanks for the love!