22 October 2009

A Quiet Night: Courtesy of the GOMBOO

Yesterday, after being awoken from a blessed nap by persistent residents (they didn't stop knocking until I opened the door) so that I could perform various unnecessary tasks to cure THEIR boredom, I wrote a note on my door directed to all of my darling dormbies.

It read:

"I am SICK and GROUCHY. Don't bother me unless
you are dying."

Needless to say it was a quiet night at our apartment. I missed them a little but for the most part it was wonderful!

I may or may not be sick more often if that's how it's going to be...

14 October 2009

Dear Calculator,

I miss you.

I am so sorry that I had to put you away and not use you at all this semester.

It's not because I don't like you...it is because my math teacher doesn't believe in the work that you do.

She wants me to use my head...

can you believe that calculator?

I just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you...deep down at the bottom of my sock drawer...

Next semester I will pull you out again, feed you some new batteries and we will do lots of math together to make up for lost time.

Until then, adieu

12 October 2009

Today Today....


Willy Wonka...Seventeen years ago you came into my life!

At the reception desk in the hospital, they asked mom what she was having and dad said


I am so glad that you are not a puppy...

Maybe they didn't name you Lindsay like I wanted them to...But now I know that our parents were right....as usual.

You are a Heather through and through.

Heether, you are the joy of your parents (and me too)...

I am ALWAYS impressed by your creativity, passion for everything that you do, your sense of humor, and for your testimony that is so easy to see. You are a beautiful example to me of everything that I want to be.

I hope that you have a beautiful day! You sure deserve it!

I'm not going to lie...I'm very sad that I missed your Columbus Day* dinner and your Columbus Day* this year... I hope you can forgive me and will let me come and celebrate your birthday with you one day very soon...

*If you are lucky enough to spend today with Heather, then you may assume that Columbus Day = Birthday.

On a different note....lets talk about my family! What wonderful cousins I have! My Sweet cousins Kristen and her delightful daughters S, A, and K cut out these hearts for Heather's birthday and planted them in our front garden...I love them!

07 October 2009

Orange You Glad?

There are many things that I am happy about today...

But mostly I am glad for great friends, fun memories, and Spendy's pirate shirt.

What are you glad for today?

06 October 2009

02 October 2009

The Memory of Trees

I used to enjoy scenic drives with my family

...mostly because of the book in my hand.

One day while on one of our scenic expeditions, my grandmother (tired of the books and other pointless gadgets occupying her grandchildren's eyes) exclaimed,

"I want them to look at every tree!"

Since then, the most enjoyable aspect of scenic jaunts with my family has been pointing out all of the exceptionally ordinary trees I can find to my dear grandma.

Now that I'm older, I really do enjoy scenic explorations

...mostly for the scenery.

In fact, yesterday I insisted that Jesse and I head to Maple Canyon...

intent only to note the trees.

Grandma, this time I looked at every one and wished you were there to enjoy them with me.