30 September 2011

Ollie-Pop Ollie-Pop Oh Ollie Ollie-Pop!

I found this post in my drafts from July...I can't believe I never published it. I think I was waiting for pictures or something. Anyway, it may be late, but it has to be posted.

July 16th was Oliver's 1st birthday!

Six months ago, I had big plans for fancy decorations and yummy foods and all that cute stuff you see on the creative mommy blogs out there, but I since I've been sort of homeless and overwhelmed by the events of the summer, we made do with whatever was at Grandma Min's house...

...including the pink frosted cupcakes...

He was showered with gifts, spent the day in his "Birthday Suit," and happily devoured his first cupcake.

It was everything I dreamed it would be even if there weren't elaborate decorations and his cupcakes were the wrong color.

I couldn't believe the joy I felt that day...it wasn't just Ollie's day. Secretly, it was my day too. It was the day that changed my life...rocked my world...made me a mother. I wonder if all of my children's birthdays will feel that way.

 Jesse and I love that little monkey more than we ever thought possible. It was so fun to be able to play with Ollie all day and to celebrate a year ago when he first joined our family and all of our memories since.  

Many thanks to my mom for asking me what I wanted, and then making it happen. Thanks also to everyone who gave a gift or has loved and supported us in the last year.

29 September 2011



I was listening to that playlist I never tire of...

You know, the one with Ingrid, Florence, Edward Sharpe and those crazy Magnetic Zeros, Dashboard, Muse, Cake, and Mister Joel...to name a few

(I can listen to playlists now, since my granddad shared his spiffy blue Ipod with me...)


My friend, Regina (Spektor of course...We're tight), was singin' her heart out to "On the Radio" and I was reminded of just how much I love her.

Mostly she just sings a lot of nonsense and rhymes a bunch, but it's OK because she has a beautiful voice set to fun music, and we all know she's quirky like that..

Often times, though, she pops out some extraordinary words of wisdom. If you know what I'm saying.

I have loved this particular bit since...well, forever. I used to have it written in dry erase marker on my bedroom mirror in high school for those days when I needed to be reminded of how complicated life really isn't (which was everyday...I was in high school for crying in a bucket)

Don't worry, I'll share:

"This is how it works:
You're young until you're not,
You love until you don't,
You try until you can't,
You laugh until you cry,
You cry until you laugh,
And everyone must breathe until their dying breath.

No, this is how it works:
You peer inside yourself.
You take the things you like,
And try to love the things you took.
And then you take that love you made,
And stick into someone else's heart
Pumping someone else's blood.
And walkin' arm in arm, you hope it don't get harmed,
But even if it does, you just do it all again."

Makes everything seem so simple doesn't it?

I think so.

An aside:

One of my favorite facebook days was when Ashley Beatrice chose that little passage to be her facebook status...

I like to think she was speaking in code to me...making sure I knew she didn't forget me even though now I live in Malad and she lives in Vegas and we NEVER see each other. Ever...which is not how best friends are supposed to live, but we make do...

Like when I remind her that I know what she sounds like on the phone when she's ignoring people, so she should stop ignoring me.

And she laughs because it's true.

I like her.

Another aside:

Whenever I say "an aside" I think of Jim Brandt, my Math 2010 teacher, who (at least once a lecture), paused in the middle of talking about whatever boring math subject was on the syllabus for the day to tell us about the history of a particular tidbit of mathematics...

Like how negative integers originated in China and were not accepted in Europe until around 1700 AD...This was because the Greek traditionally used numbers to represent length, and China was more business oriented, so they needed numbers to represent assets and debts.

Fascinating right?

27 September 2011


*photo and nickname by Kiana Don

20 September 2011

It's a Start...

I made a new friend today...Rebecca.

At least I hope we will find enough in common to be friends.

She and her husband have 5 young kids and live in a one bedroom house. They have lived in Malad for two months. She was very personable.

We are going to story time at the library next Tuesday...and I am getting myself a library card!

Gee it will be nice to get out of this house and have something to do in town...and a friend in town to do it with.

19 September 2011


Should you wish for a slobbery, open mouthed, baby kiss from my little friend Oliver J. all you need do is ask...he LOVES to give them.

However, ask for a "kiss" and you will certainly be ignored...but ask for a "hug" and you shall surely be rewarded.

He's a little backwards like that for now...and I kinda like it.

16 September 2011

My Funny Boy

Oliver likes to climb inside things and sit for awhile...big or small.

Like this empty otter pop box:

I wish I had a picture of the time he pulled my Pyrex pie dish out of the cupboard and sat down in it with his legs crossed...

15 September 2011

Oh What a Beautiful Morning!

These days Oliver J. wakes up before the sun.

Usually he whines until we arrive to pluck him out of bed, and then he screams and throws himself down on the mattress just to show his indignation...we've seen it before, so we roll over and cover our ears with the pillow, hoping to get three more minutes of sleep.

On this lovely morning, we heard Ollie Pop laughing in his crib. After a couple of minutes we heard him say, "Mama? Daddy?" And Jesse was so excited he couldn't get out of bed fast enough...

I sure hope Ollie makes a habit of this.

13 September 2011

To Honor the Bravest Popcorn Kernels in the Bunch...

Last night, Jesse and I pulled down our *new to us* air popper that we bought for a dollar at the Oneida County Hospital's yard sale for some popping corn.

Since we had never used an air popper together, I taught him the most respectful approach...

First you prepare the melted butter in a small container, turn on the air popper, and dump in the kernels...then you wait.

Now, everyone knows that the best pieces of popcorn are the ones DRENCHED in butter, and it is every kernels greatest ambition to be that perfect piece, but there are two kernels that are braver than all the rest:

The first one in the bowl is considered remarkably brave because he leads the way and checks out the bowl to make sure it is safe for everyone else to come.

The last one into the bowl is considered brave because he stayed behind and made sure that all the other kernels made it out OK.

Out of the utmost respect for these two courageous kernels, you pick them out as soon as you identify them, dip them straight into the melted butter that you prepared ahead of time, and eat them all by themselves.

In doing this, you are ensuring that their dream to be the greatest piece of popcorn is achieved and you reward them for their immense bravery shown on your behalf.

After this, as we were preparing the rest of the popcorn for consumption, Jesse said, "Your dad taught you that didn't he?"

I answered him affirmatively and made sure it was clear that the tradition was to be continued...

Then we cuddled up on our fluffy new couches and snarfed down our popcorn while we watched Hearts in Atlantis, which I thought was very strange.