31 October 2010

Just Buzzing By To Say...

P.S. Our friendlies, Emily and Robert, invited us to share dinner in a pumpkin with them...It was DELISH! I'm going to acquire the recipe and then I may-or-may-not make it every year!

21 October 2010

Nap Time

Some of our silliest napping photos:

20 October 2010

Mom and Popsicle Moses

These are my wonderful parents in law.
I love them for many reasons,
but mostly for the way they love me.

12 October 2010

Something To Be Excited About:


I would now like to share with you the way of the slushie/Icee/Slurpee.

Always pound the cup. Slushies are carbonated. This means that they grow...and then deflate. By the time you get to the counter to pay for it, you are left with half of what you thought you had. To avoid this, fill the cup, then pound on the slushie receptacle on the counter to deflate the ice faster, thereby filling your cup with more slushie goodness.

Always use a regular straw. Sure, the funky straws with the spoon at the end look cool, but unless you have the patience to spoon every bit of ice into your mouth, you find their true state of uselessness at the bottom of the cup when you get to the puddle of melted flavor and find your straw is not set for sucking liquids.

Never. Ever. scrape the side of your straw against slushie lid...even accidentally. This is just wrong. No one should have to endure that terrible noise. I'm pretty sure it could be considered cruel and unusual punishment.

Take a friend whenever possible.

Honor the "Any Size A Dollar" days at Maverik. They are sacred.

Now go, buy a slushie, and be happy. That's what I did.

11 October 2010


Not a whole lot is happening around here.

Jesse studies and/or works. All.Day.Every.Day. The man has no life...except the one that involves his kid Ollie...

...who continues to grow, eat, cry, and pee on people who aren't smart enough to strap that diaper on STAT (me)...and we're working on laughing (So far an Ollie laugh consists of these funny little grunts accompanied by HUGE smiles). He does his jobs well...Makes his mother proud...

...oh yes, ME! I spend every day hanging with Oliver J, working (if you could call it that) in the Housing Office, wishing I could eat some ice cream, and being atrociously lazy at home. Which isn't doing much for me, but I've lost motivation for just about everything.

I think if I could use one word to describe my feelings on life right now it would be:


but if I wasn't in denial, I would really call it


Which is crazy right? Because I just had a baby and everything is supposed to be perfect right?

No. I don't think it's crazy. I'm pretty sure it's normal.

I think I'm just missing that constant state of anticipation that pregnancy provided...I think maybe I was a little bit addicted to it...you know, that feeling of always having something to look forward to...not just a little something...A HUGE something.

Now all I get to look forward to is Jesse studying, Oliver growing out of baby-ness, and me being unmotivated.

And now we've come full circle.

So I guess tomorrow I get up, go about my day, and find something to be excited about.

I'll have to let you know what that is when I figure it out.

Until then, please enjoy this picture of my miniature human:

06 October 2010


Guess What! We're pretty sure that OlliePop is allergic to milk.

Guess what that means for me...

That's right. I gave up the Moo Juice for something a little more planty.

I'm trying to be ok with this.

03 October 2010

To My Boys

I love you! I recognize that you have an intensely busy schedule due to your WalMart work and that ridiculous yet necessary study schedule. Thank you for working so hard on behalf of your wife and infant son. And thank you for recognizing my efforts to make your life easier...it makes it easier to put in the effort. Your enterprise blesses our lives significantly and will continue to do so. Love, your Wifey

My dear little boy you are an absolute joy. I never expected, nor do I deserve such a delightfully mellow baby. Your disposition allows me to take you just about anywhere, and feed you just about anything...which is convenient. I love watching you grow. I love your wide smiles and silly giggles. I love you so much I'll even drink soy milk for you! You bring so much sunshine to your parents lives. We are so happy that you are ours forever. You are The Cuteness! Love, your Mom