27 January 2010

One More Time With Feeling

Lately I have been tired.....and worried about a myriad of thing such as:

  • statistics

  • RA applications

  • Anderson Hall

  • eating a balanced diet

  • money

  • taxes

  • people

  • And my brain that seems to have skipped out on me

    • And I've been thinking....we've got a long-ish road ahead of us until things can settle down...so I need to quit worrying so much.

      And then I heard this song....and I loved it....and it will serve a wonderful purpose in my life....

      to keep me on track...

      sorta keep things in perspective.

      BEHOLD! My new mantra:

      "...Hold on
      One more time with feeling.
      Try it again. Breathing's just a rhythm.
      Say it in your mind until you know the words are right
      This is why we fight..."

      It's perfect! It maketh me very happy and whispers "Goosfraba" to my poor worry filled head.

      22 January 2010



      They gurgle when you pour water out of them!

      They have inspired me!

      Not to GURGLE of course...

      but I think I want to start a grown up lady collection.

      Water Pitchers.

      Fancy, Antique, Whimsical, you name it!

      Which leads me to what I am always telling myself:

      "When I am a grown up and have lots of money...but right now that is just unnecessary."

      Hey. A girl can dream.

      21 January 2010

      Food Fancy

      Yesterday, I tried talking myself out of a chili dog all day long. I had lots of excuses for myself.

      I didn't have any chili.

      I didn't want to go to WalMart.

      I only wanted the expensive chili anyway and I didn't want to spend the money.

      At ten o clock, I found that I could no longer deny myself...


      The no-bean chili dog, smothered in cheese with a toasted bun had become irresistible and I didn't just want one...I NEEDED ONE!

      So I went out into the dorm to find a WalMart buddy......CHECK

      I drove all the way to WalMart.....CHECK

      I picked up my no-bean chili (yes it was expensive).....CHECK

      And that's when things went wrong. Jesse wanted pizza (because there was NO way I was sharing my chili). So I went down the pizza isle

      Grabbed a pizza.....CHECK

      On my way to the register I had to follow the rest of the frozen food isle to the center of the store...well guess what else you find in the frozen food isle....

      ICE CREAM!!!!

      But I didn't want just any ice cream....I wanted Ben and Jerry's Karamel Sutra...It is as sinful as it sounds! Chocolate on one side, vanilla on the other with a caramel center!!!! YUM!

      It was also expensive...but I NEEDED it...and my WalMart buddy reminded me that I had an excuse, which may or may not have been legitimate, but we went with it!

      I was so excited to come home to eat a chili dog and dig into my ice cream that I could barely stand the long car ride back to good old Anderson.

      But as soon as I walked in the door....

      I found that I was no longer hungry

      ....for ANYTHING.

      All I wanted was a glass of water.

      And that, my friends, is the story of my life.

      18 January 2010

      Try it! Try it! You Will Like It!

      The time has come for you to try a Tim Tam.

      "What's a Tim Tam?" you ask...

      Well, just so you know, a Tim Tam is a bit of chocolaty heaven...

      (Yes lovelies, I did say chocolate and heaven in the same sentence...that's how serious I am about this!)

      Tim Tams come from the land of Kangaroos and Koala bears (or so I'm told).

      ...but if they are available at the Ephraim WalMart then you are safe to look for them ANYWHERE.

      The Method:

      Bite off one corner of the Tim Tam

      Turn the cookie over and bit off the opposite corner.

      Next, dip one of those open corners into some delectable hot chocolate, and suck on the other end...sort of like a straw.

      As soon as you taste the glorious hot chocolate coming through the cookie, toss the whole Tim Tam in your mouth and savor the creamy, chocolaty goodness that it provides.

      There you have it! Now go try one! I promise you won't be sorry.

      14 January 2010

      Some Slinky Photos of Me

      On Christmas Day, we opened our gifts from Santa Clause and found


      Everyone loves a slinky you know.

      This brought the onslaught of:

      "Don't stretch the slinky too much!"


      "Careful, don't tangle your slinky!"

      These comments were directed towards...

      Heather, Bryan, Jesse, and me...

      all adults... well mostly.

      Like we don't know how to play with a Slinky.

      Heather's favorite joke was to act out my parents:

      The Madre: "Here's a fun slinky for you! I hope you enjoy it, but don't play with it..."

      The Soda Pop: "Don't play with it! Something terrible will happen if you play with it. What did we tell you about not playing with your slinky?"

      OK, maybe it wasn't quite that bad.

      But we sure had some fun with those slinkies!

      Note: all slinkies are still in shape and waiting for their next adventure.

      01 January 2010

      My 2010 Resolve

      Some thoughts to help me through the next year:

      1. "No one owes me anything."

      I just need to repeat this to myself everyday and anytime someone does something that may affect me. By reminding myself of this, I will be able to give more meaningful service, improve my marriage, and prepare myself for my future role as a mother.

      2. "I can't afford it."

      I have fallen away from my budget. Do you remember those tight fingers that used to hold my wallet shut? Well they have loosened as of recently. Regardless of whether I have the money or not, I do not need to afford everything that I think I want. Christmas is over, tuition is due, and as soon as we get through the next two months of birthdays we will be on track for our frugal old habits of planning ahead, home cooking, and saving money...And though it takes more effort, it's the way we like it.
      Thanksgiving weekend brought the Gold and Green Ball to Blanding, Utah and the Moseses were in attendance.

       They loved us so much that they put us in the paper...

      That's right Lovelies, we were famous in Blanding for a day.

      Left to Right: Mike, Jesse, Becca, Della...and then two adorable children...

       Left to Right: Jesse, the kid I don't know that grabbed my waist, Della, and Becca

      (This is a very great honor considering that few people in the history of the world have had their picture in the Blue Mountain Panorama...pay no mind to the fact that few people in the history of the world have lived in Blanding, Utah)

      A Visit to St. Nick

      We went to visit SANTA!...Because the Madre likes it when we do.

      You can tell that we were excited...

      Papa Noel seemed bored with us...and all the parents with young anxious children were offended that a bunch of adults would dare enter the line and cause their little ones to be upset.
      Then Father Christmas told me I was selfish because I didn't ask him for World Peace or something.


      We're gonna find a different Sinter Klaas next year.

      Christmas Eve...


      This is our cousin Andre. We met him on Christmas Eve.

      Andre likes Jeff Hardy...A LOT

      We like Andre...A LOT

      We like him so much that we'll let him take as many pictures of Jeff Hardy as he wants.

      Even though we don't really like Jeff Hardy.