25 April 2011

To Name A Few:

Things I love about Cedar City:
  • My kitchen and everything in it...dishwasher, washer/dryer, stack of new recipes to try
  • Kiana
  • The grocery store
  • Playing with family I rarely saw in the past
  • The ward is VERY friendly...and grown up
  • St. George, Mesquite and Vegas are all closer than they have ever been
  • The fact that my sister will very soonly live just up the street
  • It's so new that it still feels like vacation

Things I don't love about Cedar City:
  • Paying rent/being poor
  • Oliver and the computer share a room...nap time is BORING
  • Four hours to Salt Lake City and everyone in it.
  • Lack of monk parties with ShaNeil
  • Lost craft days with Bree

23 April 2011

Characteristics of This Good Wife

From my experiences as a married woman, I have gleaned many qualities that I feel are vital to a good marriage. I thought I would share these virtues with you in a series of recurring posts containing a snippet of my everyday life...

Be sure and take notes now!

Today I displayed one of these vast and innumerable characteristics in a text message that I sent for my love, Jesse, to find at the start of his lunch break:
"Hurry home! Dinner is waiting on the table...

...and so far I've only eaten half the guacamole!"

Interpret as you will...

16 April 2011

Sour Cream on Chips

That's where it's at.

The best part is, they shared with me too!

Two seconds after these photos were taken, Taylor accidentally bit Van's fingers...it was a tragedy of epic proportions

15 April 2011

In Which I Rock at Moving:

You may or may not be aware that your Moses friends moved a little further south about two weeks ago, and I thought I would take the time to shamelessly brag about my moving prowess, my awesome friends and my amazing family members who made the move such a splendid experience.

I should probably tell you that I am quite the accomplished mover. I convey this to you in the most humble attitude I can muster. 

Jesse and I have been married just over 2 1/2 years and have moved 4 different times together.

The 2008 move to our Acorn apartment was a cake walk because, simply put, we didn't have a whole lot to begin with, but boy we accumulated while we were there.

The 2009 move to Anderson made me believe that I never EVER wanted to move again. I'll never forget the day that I headed across town to pick up "one last load" before I could officially declare myself moved. As I walked through the apartment I tossed things into the living room so that I could load the car from one centralized area. Discouraged does not even begin to describe how I felt when I saw the end result...

I learned a lot from the moving catastrophy of '09...enough to know that I never wanted to live through it again. When it was announced that 2010 would include a May move at 8 months pregnant across the parking lot to our Cottage domicile, I started early...like February. I found so much fulfillment in dejunking our belongings that we probably dropped a third of our assemblage before the packing fun even began. I'm surprised Jesse, who doesn't shed belongings well, even made it through my pitching fit without needing some serious therapy. I packed a lot of boxes that time, but left a lot out too.

The move took place on a friday and saturday. Friday, Jesse and I moved the kitchen, bathroom and mattress. Saturday, we moved everything else. It went quickly (Under two hours). My parents couldn't stop saying how pleasantly surprised they were at how easy the move was. The best part was that I had everything, I mean EVERYTHING organized and put away before the weekend was out. I credit the nesting instict for that...and for the way that I scrubbed the kitchen floor everyday after that until Oliver was born... 

This past February we scheduled our 2011 move to Cedar City for April 2.  I started the packing process mid March. Due to the furnished state of our new apartment, we were able to shed some of our sad excuses for furniture, but I was still worried that our "life in cardboard boxes" wouldn't fit into the 6' by 12' trailor. April 2 at 7:30 am, all of my belongings were packed and ready for transport. My parents showed up, backed the trailor in, and then at 8:00 our closest Ephraim friends, along with some helpful ward members came to assist. Because the old apartment was so small, we were able to form an assembly line to the trailor and had all the boxes out within 30 minutes. The men folk handled the furniture and I doled out assignements for a few of the last minute cleaning needs. By 9:00 I was calling Tim the Housing Man to ask if my ShaNeil friend could do the check out, as we were ready to go an hour early. Permission granted! I think I insisted on three rounds of hugging because, SWEET ROBERT, I was going to miss those hooligans.

In Cedar City we were met by family and friends who helped unload and settle in. I'm going to say that the very best part of the day was when I found out that my grandparents had made a financial contribution magnanimous enough to cover some of the biggest expenses of the trip, taking a huge load off of our shoulders. It was plain to see that we are loved by many and we sure appreciated all of the help.

And that my sweet chickens, is the long and drawn out story of our moving escapades. Hopefully we'll get to stay in one spot for more than a year from here on out.