22 June 2011

A New Tooth For OlliePop

Ollie's Grandma Jacque found a new tooth hangin' out in his mouth yesterday... The best part about this? I had absolutely no idea Oliver J. was even teething!

What a blessing it is to have such an easy going little boy this summer...

21 June 2011

I asked Jesse if we could sign Ollie-pop up for ballet lessons when he turns three...I was only half joking.

I found Jesse's reply to be pretty much hilarious:

"Oliver will only be appreciating the beauty of dance on the beautiful body of a woman!"

And that was that.

07 June 2011

Yesterday with Grandma

 My mom texted me photos and updates on my Ollie friend:

Seeing Ollie Pop and hearing about his day was the highlight of mine.

Ollie and his monkey feet.
(This is how he sits in his high chair too...)

When I asked if he was being friendly and sociable instead of crawling away from people and crying like he usually does Mom said:

"He and I are tight. (He comes running to hide from Bryan and Heather)."

Super. Well at least he likes someone.

What a goon.

06 June 2011

Free to Eat Tuna

My Friend Jesse (who is also my husband) left yesterday. For.The.Summer. He also took my friend Oliver J. with him...a few days for Oliver at Grandma Min's house will help his math doin', x-ray taking, super busy, separated for the summer parents some good.

I'm a pretty independent, easy going wife. I go places, do things, visit people on my own. Jesse and I had only been married two or so weeks before I was spending the night at our apartment alone because he had to make a trip out of town...we're OK with short separations. But the whole summer? We'll see.

I've decided not to miss them during the day, and as little as possible this week. I will do my very best to take full advantage of this stay-cation... I have all summer to miss the man, I don't need to start today, and there are plenty of Oliver-less things to do to keep me busy for three days...

...Like clean the house and do my homework. I get the computer whenever I want and I will watch all the movies at redbox that I've been interested in. I will eat tuna for dinner whenever I want! (Jesse is really not a fan of Tuna)

...Tuna Noodle Pea salad, Tuna Noodle Casserole, Tuna Fish Gravy and Toast, Tuna Tetrazzini...

I'm feeling better already...Besides, I'll see them both on Thursday.

Just don't ask me about 8:30 when it's supposed to be time to smooch Oliver and put him to bed. And 10:00 when I crawl into be by myself? ...don't even go there.

05 June 2011

Last weekend, I found myself in the kitchen at the Wales house washing "K's" clothes.

That sweet thing had been practicing her potty skills for two weeks and then found herself in the yard at Wales having more fun than she knew how to handle. She'd done well so far, but who has time for a potty trip with there's so much to see...(I still feel that way...I'm just lucky to have a little more bladder control.)

I was in a pretty sour mood (broken car windows will do that to you) and I was running out of nice things to say to anyone about anything, so when Kristen came out of the tent announcing that her youngest duckling was on the last set of clean pants for the weekend with a whole day left, I jumped at the chance to have some alone time with little "K's" clothes and the kitchen sink where I couldn't hurt anyone's feelings or be sent to bed without my dinner because of my attitude.

As I stood there, scrubbing the miniature socks and jeans, I started to feel better. My thought process slowly changed from how angry I was at the window for having the audacity to be broken, to laughing about "K's" constant chatter and enthusiasm, remembering how "A" had walked all over Scandinavian Days with me...even helped me pick my new sunglasses, and thinking how great it was the "S" got along with everyone and wasn't too shy to have fun.

By the time I got to wringing the water from the clothes, I wasn't so much thinking about my broken car window, how Oliver might handle the noisy trip home, or even how much it might strain my budget to get the window replaced. I was just glad that Kristen had decided to bring herself and her three young ladies so we could all enjoy the pleasure of their company...And grateful for the chance to do something helpful for a little family that I adore (...even if the clothes didn't dry out in time to be useful the next day when it was time to be dressed again.)