20 May 2011

Dearest Everyones,

At this time I wish to share with you an announcement. One that is cause for GREAT celebration.

As you may or may not know, my friend Jesse (who is also my husband), is a licensed Rad Tech. "What's a rad tech," you ask? (Don't worry, everyone does.) A rad tech is the guy that takes the x-rays. Anyway, Jesse has been licensed for about a year, and has been looking for work, but the job field is currently so saturated that he has found little success...that is until Wednesday when he was offered a full time position with benefits in the radiology department at Oneida County Hospital in Malad City, Idaho.

Needless to say, we are pleased as punch...perhaps even more so, if that's even possible. Though we have LOVED Cedar City in the short time that we have been here and will be extremely sad to leave it, we would be fools to turn down this chance to further Jesse's career in the medical field.

At this time we are unsure of pretty much all of the specifics including, but not limited to, housing, travel, and school but we'll figure that out as it comes.

Wish us luck my lovelies!

Hugs and Kisses,

Della Marie

16 May 2011

My Water! Bywater.

Sometimes, Heather and I play a game in the car.

When you see a body of water, you claim it:

A Lake?

My Water! Bywater.

A puddle?

My Water! Bywater.

A field of sprinklers?

My Water! Bywater.

Confession: We stole this game from our mother and her siblings...their last name is Bywater. Get it?

And that is why last week, in anticipation of my grandparents arrival, I turned to Oliver and called out, "My Water! Bywater."  just so there would be no question...and because we all know that my sharing skills could use some work.

I hope that they found their stay as delightful as I found their presence to be. We talked books, travel, family, and future. They voiced interest in our lives, support for our endeavors, and good advice for us to consider and draw upon if we should so choose. They came bearing gifts, complimented my cooking, treated us to two dinners out on the town, answered all of my questions about the '50s, and let me sit on their couch sipping Root Beer and soaking up their company for as long as I pleased.

I am ever grateful for the Sunday Dinners, holidays, family vacations and Fridays when school was out that I have been privileged to spend with them.

Every time I said thank you, Grandpa would say, "It's no trouble, we're celebrating." I know he was mostly just referring to the chance we had for a visit, but I think it's safe to say that the relationship we have developed as Grandparents and Granddaughter is surely something worth celebrating.

10 May 2011

Love Note to My Soda POP

My dad was pretty miffed when I didn't include him in the list of my Three Favorite Women so I'm here to make amends.

Dear Dad,

I'd like to thank you for pretty much everything. I think it is safe to say that you are numbered among my TOP 10 Favorite nouns. It was lovely to talk to you on the phone last night and I think I will do that more often. I hope you have a lovely 17 days until Oliver J. and I see you again. Please hug yourself and everyone else at home on my behalf.

Your favorite oldest daughter.

09 May 2011

My First Mother's Day

Yesterday was Mother's Day. My very first Mother's day actually. And I liked it.

I woke up and was working my way out of bed when I was ordered by a sleepy Jesse to stay put as he got his groggy self up and set to making me some breakfast.  He handed me a magazine (I LOVE magazines), the Royal Wedding Edition of People magazine to be exact (which is super because, though it has not been diagnosed, I am 99% positive that I have Royal Wedding Fever...I blame Kiana), to read whilst awaiting my breakfast sandwich and apple juice. (I know, that last sentence was a little scary)

We played on Skype with almost the whole Moses fam (Dear Becca: I missed you!) and got to hear Greg's funny new English accent. He also promised me some curry when he gets home...can't wait for December!

At the end of the day, Jesse brought me a rose and I rewarded myself with phone calls to each of my 3 favorite women: Mom, Grandma Lucy, and Grandma Childs who all claim to have had a spectacular Mother's Day themselves.

Success! I anticipate plenty of wonderful Mother's Days to come.