30 April 2012

The Story of Jesse's Life: Silver Dollar Pancakes

I made pancakes for breakfast this morning.

Cute little silver dollar pancakes...if pancakes are allowed to be cute.

I served up a stack to Jesse, who's first reaction was as follows:

"YUM! You made silver dollar pancakes! I wonder if I can fit them all in my mouth at once!"

11 April 2012

Today I was noticing all of the ways in which Oliver J. is a grown up:

He wields a spoon with skill.

He pulls his firetruck galoshes on all by himself.

He sits in a green big boy chair at the table to eat,

And is currently spending his first night in his big boy bed...

10 April 2012


Here is my ToDo list for the day.

It is as nasty as it is long...with chores like:

"Wash and Put Away Dishes"
"Fold All Laundry"
"Work on Homework"
"Clean the Bathroom"

But don't pity me too much...

 Because I did just cross "Eat Pie" and "Read a Chapter of Heaven is Here" (Thanks KD) off the list, so it's not all bad.

Mostly, I'm just looking forward to "Reply to Grandma Childs' Letter" and "Blow bubbles with Oliver"

I am ALL about loading my lists up with fun stuff to balance out the boring...

09 April 2012

A Hunting We Will Go

Oliver J. enjoyed his first East Egg Hunt yesterday. He loved finding all of the "bubbles." He loved it even more when he found the jelly beans inside.

(That's our cute friend, Kiana.)

08 April 2012

Happy Easter

Mrs. Alger

From my journal, December 20th 2011:

"Ann is fifty-something, but talks with me like we are the same age. She wears purple mascara on weekdays and has FUN...Ann likes to be called Mrs. Alger rather than Ann. She believes it is best to call everyone by their highest title...she calls me Mrs. Moses. She once had a set of 15 garden flamingoes and makes the best soup I have ever tasted. The Very Best. I think she is my favorite part about Malad."

When Jesse and I first moved here, Ann and I were assigned as Visiting Teaching partners. She took Ollie and me on a tour of the town and bought me lunch at the drive in. She wanted me to feel welcome...

She always had a sincere compliment and a bright smile.

She proved that a sophisticated woman could also be a whimsical one.

I treasured our conversations about motherhood and the mysteries of the gospel.

I loved hearing her firm testimony, which she shared willingly and often.

She was a superb example of a righteous woman.

I truly considered her to be one of my dearest friends, though I only knew her short time.

Today I learned that my sweet friend, Mrs. Alger, passed away suddenly last week from very serious medical complications.

I am a little bit heartbroken...