25 September 2010

Remember that one time after Oliver J. was born...

I was sewing a gift for someone,

You were playing with Ollie, reminding him not to fall too hard for Izzie,

We watched a whole season of Grey's Anatomy in one day...

Well, today I'm watching Grey's, sewing gifts and now Ollie's crushing on Little Grey...lovely.

Miss you Kiana.

22 September 2010

A Manifestation...

...of the consumption of cold cereal in our home.

High time I start cooking real food again.

16 September 2010


Check out these snapshots I caught of a plumpified Oliver J.

I LOVE this boy...and the bigger he gets, the more there is to love!

12 September 2010

Labor Day Weekend In Review: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The Good:
Last weekend brought Palisades State Park with my Moses/Dailey fam....

Family and friends joined us on Sunday when we blessed our OH-SO-HANDSOME Oliver J.

Dad bore testimony of the Gospel and spoke of his love for me, and how my determination to do what is right brings him joy *insert happy warm fuzzies* I hope I remember that forever, and live up to it.
Afterwards we enjoyed a delectable lunch...hooray for me feeding a large crowd for the first time...a huge "Thank You" to everyone who helped contribute food, time, and tummies to this meal. Especially to our friend Jon Larsen for allowing us full use of his home and property so that we would have the space, seating, and utensils necessary to feed a crowd.

I got to spend some extra time with my Parental Unit, Heather, and Grandma Childs...always a joy.

I LOVED driving the big red truck, and conversating with H-dizzle and the Grandmother.

The Bad:

The weekend was plagued with flies, wind, and a sunburn...the first and only of the summer, ruining my goal of making it through the season without burning my skin....I'll have to try again next year.

The Ugly:

On Monday around 12:30 pm, the POPsicle left the Wales house for a quick ride on his dirt bike. He went up Wales Canyon and had himself a little accident. Unfortunately, he broke his leg and wrist...in TREMENDOUS fashion... My mom and sister went to retrieve him...and together they all experienced a brutal ride down the canyon and to the hospital. After x-rays and morphine, he was loaded into an ambulance and sent from Sanpete Valley Hospital to Intermountain Medical Center in the the Salt Lake Valley. One plate and one rod later he's looking forward to a long recovery...but it could have been a whole lot worse...and let's talk about how I LOVED being at home to serve my mom while she was too busy visiting Dad in the hospital in the same way she served me when I was too busy recovering from "Happy Oliver Day"

Yes Lovies, last weekend was wonderful in some ways, and horrible in others, but memories were made and lessons learned nonetheless. My testimony was strengthened and I was reminded of why I love my family and the gospel in more ways than I can count, and that was just what I needed. The only thing that was missing was a trip up to visit Grandma Lucy who is also recovering from surgery...sorry I missed you Grandma!

02 September 2010

Sometimes I Don't Make Sense To Myself.

For instance:
When I lay Oliver in his crib at night I have a hard time leaving him there. Its as if my mind is trying to convince me that something terrible will happen during the night and if he's in another room, or not in my arms I might loose him. This only happens at night...not at any of the various nap times throughout the day.

Crazy. I know.

But I also know that he'll be fine.

So I put him down anyway, kiss his little face, and walk away to my own bed where I turn the monitor up loud and fall asleep to sound of Oliver breathing...because I just can't seem to shake the crazy completely.