25 December 2013

Merry Christmas

This year it was just the three of us, which has never been the case before. 
We tried to make the most of it. 

We went to the movies, we ate too much turkey, we got up early Christmas morning because we just couldn't stand waiting anymore! We skyped with my parents while we opened our gifts (Thanks again, Mom and Dad!). Then we spent all day lounging in our new robes and playing with our
new toys. 

It was bliss.

23 December 2013

Santa Photos for My Mom! Happy Christmas Eve!

Remember how our bishop is a photographer?

He took photos of all of the kids with Santa, and sent them all out within a few days.

They are MAGICAL.

Remember that tight lipped, I WILL NOT CRY expression I mentioned the other day? Here it is, up close and well lit with no fuzzy edges: 

Chicken Noodle Soup

We went to see the Christmas lights at the Washington DC temple this week. They were lovely! Oliver said he thought that they looked like chicken noodle soup...whatever that means. We took Best Friend Alex with us so he could enjoy them too. I think he enjoyed the smiley sister missionaries more... We'll declare his first trip to the castle a success.

22 December 2013

My Meanest Mean Mommy Moment Yet

The following is a tale of great sadness and woe in which I crushed my child's dreams and probably gave him a serious case of Christmas Angst that will haunt him for the rest of his life:

This year I went shopping on Thanksgiving with some friends to find some spectacular deals.

And boy did I find them! I probably found too many, but let's not go there, OK?

My FAVORITE find of all was the half price Tonka trucks at Kohl's.

My friend Oliver LOVES tractors, and I just knew he would love these. I bought three just for him.

Late that night, I brought home my spoils and hid everything behind the curtains in my bedroom...not the best hiding spot, I know, but it was late, and I was stressed about a missing shopping bag (a story for another day).

The next morning, I was rummaging around my room when Oliver came in. I asked him to leave, and on his way out, he noticed that there was something amiss about my curtains.

"Oh Mom! I will fix your curtains for you!" he said.

I was looking away and said, "Don't touch the curtains, just go outside."

I turned around to shoo him out and found Oliver holding the curtains open, gazing at the Tonka trucks with eyes full of wonder.

"GET OUT OF MY ROOM!" I shouted. Because sometimes I react a little strongly. Besides, my dreams of Oliver on Christmas morning were crashing and burning right before my very eyes, and that made me super cranky.

Oliver ran to his room and shut the door. I took a few minutes to collect my thoughts and make a plan. Then I went to find him. He was laying on his tummy by the bookshelf looking at a book full of tractors and trucks. Oh man.

I pulled him onto my lap, and we had a talk about what he saw. He told me that he had seen three big trucks, and that he loved them.

And then I did the hardest thing I've ever done...

I told him that the trucks had been a Christmas surprise for him. I reminded him that I had asked him not to touch my curtains, and that he had not listened to me. Then I told him that I had to take the trucks back to the store because he had seen them and they were no longer a surprise.

He looked at me with tears forming in his eyes and an expression that said "I will not cry, I will not cry, I will not cry" His lips were tight and his voice was strained. It was so cute and sad! I wish you could have seen it.

"I didn't mean to see the trucks, mama." he said as calmly as he could, his voice quivering just a litte...

"I didn't mean to see the Christmas surprise. We don't need to take them back to the store."

I stuck to it though. I told him I was very sorry, and talked about how we have to be careful at Christmas time because there are lots of Christmas surprises, and if we see them, they can't be surprises anymore. Then we went to tell Jesse the sad news.

Oliver was still struggling to keep his composure as he told Jesse about the trucks.

Jesse just gave him a big hug and saved the day, saying "I'm sorry about the trucks, but will we have to take them back to store and find a new Christmas surprise for you. Maybe you could ask Santa to bring you big trucks for Christmas." (Yes, Jesse did in fact endorse Santa...)

"Oh! Good idea Dad!"

Periodically throughout the next few days he would get a sad look on his face and tell us he was sorry about ruining his Christmas surprise.

All in all, everything will work out. He will still get his trucks, and Jesse and I will get to see his reaction to them.

But even now, a full month later, he apologizes for ruining his Christmas surprise and insists that he didn't mean to see the big trucks.

However, there were two positive outcomes to this irreversible emotional scarring...

First, there is no argument about Christmas surprises in our house. All we have to do is tell Oliver that he is getting too close to a Christmas surprise that hasn't been wrapped yet, and he puts his hands up, turns around, and walks away. No questions asked. He doesn't want to be anywhere near an unwrapped Christmas surprise.

Second, the child who ran screaming from the room at the mere sight of Santa last year was very brave this year. So brave that, even though he insisted that he did not like Santa, and was not excited to see him in the least, went and sat on the big guy's lap long enough to make a little small talk, politely ask for big trucks, and get a picture taken.

And that's progress.

21 December 2013

The First Day of Winter

The sun is shining, and the windows are open. It's almost 70 degrees out there!

24 November 2013

I used to be good at feeding my family...

Domestic Goddess...that was me. 

I'm not anymore. 

We've eaten a lot of cereal and frozen cheeseburgers from Costco for dinner. I've planned a menu every week for three weeks with every intention of providing a healthy dinner for my boys. And then I ignored it. 

This week decided to stop kidding myself and skipped the menu/grocery list altogether...my sole purpose was to find the healthiest low prep, premade options I could because I have no intention of cooking anything that takes any significant amount of time or dishes. 

And that's fine.

23 November 2013

The Story of Jesse's Life: You're Wife is REALLY Pregnant...

I have to say that this pregnancy has been a lot nicer on my marriage than the last one...

Last time, I was a complete hormonal roller coaster (aka a meany pants). Jesse was pretty unsympathetic because he is a boy who thinks about the world in black and white. He knew what was happening in a biological sense, but his logically oriented brain could not reconcile my feelings, needs, and behaviors. 

And sheesh, guys, we were really, really ridiculously young. We have since both agreed that we sort of stunk at supporting each other through it, and that's that. 

This time around, things have been a whole lot better. I made a conscious decision from the beginning that I would try really hard not to be a meany pants, and Jesse has been very aware of and sympathetic to how I feel and what I need, whether his black and white brain (which is slightly less black and white now) can reconcile it logically or not... 

While this pregnancy has been harder for me than the last one, relationship wise, it has been a much more pleasant experience for the both of us

That doesn't mean that he doesn't still tease me about it all... For example: 

A couple of weeks ago, I hit the 32 week mark, and I was feeling it.

I was talking to Jesse about all the things I wanted to do that day that didn't happen, and I qualified myself by saying, "I am eight months pregnant after all, I guess I'm supposed to feel this tired, right?"

(I throw that qualification out a lot because it makes me feel better about how much I stink at life right now.)

So Jesse says to me, "You're only 32 weeks right? Technically, that's only 7 1/2 months because some months are longer than others..."

My response, "I have been pregnant for 32 weeks. That's 8 months, not 7 1/2. And besides, I'm the one growing a baby here, so if I say I'm eight months pregnant, you go with it. Heck, if say I'm 3 years pregnant, you go with it, because I said so."


27 October 2013

Maybe We Should Go To Grandma and Grandpa's House

"Do you know what...Do you wanna know...do you really, really, really wanna know what Mom?"

"What, Oliver?"

"I really, really, really, really wanna go to Grandpa Than and Grandma Min's house."

Me too, kid. Me too.

26 September 2013


We know some really kind, loving, and generous families around here. A couple of days ago, one of them invited Oliver and I to share their Chinese take out with them. It was SO delicious and such a treat! 

Oliver wanted to be just as cool as the other kids and use chopsticks, but I think he missed the point.

One in each hand!

Now I know how Ling must have felt when I saw her using chopsticks and asked her if I could try...

However, I would probably still look just about as silly as Oliver does now and I did then. I think the Mosai will stick with western utensils.

23 September 2013

The Art of Conversation

Oliver: "Mom, will you please talk to me?"

Me: "Sure Oliver. What should we talk about?"

Oliver: "Are you having a good day today?"

Me: "Certainly. Are you having a good day too?"

Oliver: "Yeah"

...long pause as Oliver J. contemplated the purpose of our conversation as well as the direction he would like to take it, and gathered his thoughts... 

"So...when did you learn how to eat a Popsicle?"

21 September 2013

This Week's Goal...

Confession: I've been slacking lately in the dinner department.

For the past two weeks, I've been neglecting any and all motherly dinner time duties. I've either been gone, leaving the boys to fend for themselves completely, or I have been home with no more moxie left in me by the time dinner should be happening.

Also, I'm not really interested in food this pregnancy. With Olivander, there were constant cravings and food tasted really, REALLY, out-of-this-world amazing. Remember how every other blog post from 2010 seemed to be food related? I mean, I was obsessed, kids!

This time, food is mostly just a hassle. I'd rather eat cereal and candy bars all day anyway. It's gotten bad, my friends.

So this week, I have a goal. I'm going to make a menu, and I'm going to stick with it! I'm also going to try new recipes, because that's fun for me.

This week, we'll be eating:

Scalloped Potatoes and Ham with a green vegetable which I haven't yet selected.

Drop Biscuits with Sausage Gravy

Salisbury Steak with mashed potatoes and another green vegetable, different from the first.

BBQ Chicken Pizza with Cinnamon Streusel Dessert Pizza for dessert

Brown Sugar Glazed Salmon (because Jesse asked that we have fish once a week...he's on a healthier eating kick...even if it means he has to eat fish. You can tell he's starting to get desperate, because he does not enjoy fish) with potatoes and a vegetable

Coconut Curry Soup with rice

Additionally, Jesse has asked me to make cinnamon rolls (did you know I can make cinnamon rolls now? I can!) for him to take and share with his clinical site, which he has loved immensely. According to his logic, nothing says "Thanks for working with me, I've really liked you" better than cinnamon rolls with brown sugar frosting.

And, if I stick to the plan (and I can find someone with a spring form pan that I can borrow) I have every intention of rewarding myself with a Spiced Pumpkin Cheesecake with a Gingersnap Crust because while regular food is relatively unappealing, sugar speaks to my soul!

I'll also be sharing said cheesecake with a few friends, because I'm pretty sure I shouldn't be left alone with 2 pounds of cream cheese in cheesecake form sitting in my fridge calling out to me at all hours of the day and night. That means I'll be rewarding myself with a party, because sharing cheesecake with friends can also be labeled as "party" in my book.

So it is written, so it shall be done!

Now, who's coming for dinner and when?

18 September 2013

It Feels Like Fall!

For real this time!

The weather has been cool with temperatures in the low seventies for days.

The lower temperatures mean that the humidity doesn't splash (and I do mean SPLASH) over you every time you leave the house.

The leaves are starting to look on the crunchy side.

And I'm getting the itch for soup, and squash, and warm, baked goods!

I think I've almost talked myself into making soup every other day of the season as it is my very favorite food group.

However, I have to be careful about the baked goods. My doctor said something about eating a nutritious diet???

He was less than impressed with the my recent steady intake of cold cereal and candy bars...I probably shouldn't add an over abundance of delectable sugary baked treats to the mix.

Maybe just an abundance.

Not an over abundance.

There's obviously a distinction between the two.

Alright, that settles it! Now would somebody please be a dear and bring me some pie?

17 September 2013

Rocket Swish


We're having a baby...

It's a girl.

We call her Rocket Swish, because that's what Oliver requested that we name her.

My mom hates it.

The nickname, not the fetus.

Hopefully we'll be able to come up with something more acceptable by the end of the year...

16 September 2013

Summer recap...In TRUE Mommy Blog Style...Minus the 8 Billion Photos That Only My Mom/Grandparents Care About



Basically, I spent the month feeling nauseous on my mom's couch, soaking up the essence of HOME. I shared a bed with my sister, spent as much time as she could stand in my mom's presence, and enjoyed seeing my family for the first time in months.

Bryan and Brittany got married on a perfect day in June. It was so lovely, and there was this amazing pasta salad at their wedding lunch... You know me and food. Oliver grouched through their whole reception. Her mom probably hates me for bringing my screaming child to her daughter's wedding reception.

There were a couple of trips to Bryan and Brittany's house for swimming. We went to Ogden's dinosaur park, where Oliver was mostly terrified and awestruck at the same time. I got to go to Sunday dinner for four weeks in a row, which hasn't happened since before I was married. It was glorious.

Jesse stayed home and asked me to please never leave him for so long ever again.


We drove from Utah to Maryland in my new car. Mostly my dad drove because he is wonderful like that.

There was a short stay in the enchanting town of Oskaloosah, Iowa where there is a pastry shop that you must eat at before you die, and a park that you must take your children to before they are grown. The city of Oskaloosah knows how to make life worth living, that's for sure.

Pastries from Jaarsma Dutch Bakery. The picture doesn't do them any justice.

I got to eat my fair share of Beef Chalupas Supreme (I'm sure I'll never be able to get enough of them), and I started to remember why I held strictly to a "NO BATHROOMS BUT MY OWN" policy when I was younger.

Andre stayed with us through July and we were so lucky to have him. He kept Oliver occupied, he helped around the house whenever I asked with whatever I needed, he was fun to talk to, and he was always up for a new episode of Dr. Who. I'm convinced there's not a better house guest anywhere.

We visited a long list of places while he was here, walked our feet off, and mastered the metro. It was exhausting, but so much fun.


Mike, Jacque, and Emma came to stay...we had a full house. It was fun to watch them interact with Oliver, and he loved getting to know them better. Andre all but adopted them as his own. It was a nice visit.

Jesse spent our anniversary at Six Flags with Andre and Wonder Woman. I'm over it.

I put Andre on his airplane and sent him home with a whole bottle of hot sauce in his bag to surprise him with when he got home. Both Andre and the hot sauce made it home in one piece.

I spent the rest of August hanging out with Jesse, who had a couple of weeks off of school, and recovering from the whirlwind month of July.


Jesse is loving his Pediatrics rotation. He likes the clinic he was assigned, and not just for the unlimited free hot chocolate and free lunches. He's probably going to cry when it is time for his Psych rotation at the end of this month.

It's pretty safe to assume that Oliver is potty trained! And that's a big deal.

He's also got something going for himself almost every morning of the week. Monday is rest day. Tuesday is preschool. Wednesday is playgroup. Thursday is preschool. Friday is play date. The kid has more obligations than I do...I've had a hard time coming to grips with the fact that my mornings are no longer my own.

I'm the same old, same old. Just looking forward to the beautiful east coast fall season that is just around the corner...I can feel it! Also, I've decided that my son is truly old enough now to remember things like family traditions, and whether or not we decorated for holidays and things like that. I can no longer approach holidays with the level of apathy that I've shown in the past. I've been pondering things like family holiday traditions for various holidays and pinning DIY decorations like a madwoman.

And that, my friends, was my summer vacation. Probably the best one yet.

What are your various holiday traditions? Specifically for October, as I really stink at Halloween? Help a girl out!

15 September 2013


Recently, we took the youth to Patapsco State Park to float the river.

The past month has been so dry (it is SO STRANGE to refer to Maryland as dry, but it has been!) that there wasn't much water to float in.

Honestly, it was all good, except for the freezy water and over sized rocks that assaulted our bums.

I'd probably do it again next year, and that's saying something considering my attitude prior to the actual river floating experience...sometimes I'm crabby, ok.

The bishop took photos of everyone, and today he informed me that I'm fun to photograph on account of my overly expressive face.

Based on these photos, we can all agree that he is absolutely right has no idea what he is talking about.

13 September 2013

I Might Be Crazy

I often think I might be crazy, and sometimes I provide myself with proof...

Tonight, I purposely decided to wait until everyone had gone to bed before I started to make the Spiced Apple Carrot Cake that I'm planning to take to lunch tomorrow. I thought it would be so nice to spend some quiet time in my kitchen alone, listening to the new Mindy Gledhill album that I just downloaded with the itunes gift card I got for Christmas (thanks mom!), and scooping flour out of my new kitchen canisters (because that never gets old).

After Jesse went to bed and I sat talking with him until he fell asleep, because sometimes the only time we have, just us, together, I walked downstairs to get started. It hit me that I wouldn't be able to use the food processor to grate apples and carrots -too noisy- and therefore, wouldn't be making a midnight cake after all. Bummer.

Immediately upon realizing that the cake would not be baked this fateful night, I decide to stay up super late anyway, doing nothing at all. It wasn't really a conscious decision...just one Nothing lead to another Nothing, and then I'd spent two hours doing Absolutely Nothing...

Don't worry, I finally decided to go to bed when my eyes drooped for a moment and I started envisioning crickets playing maracas instead of rubbing their legs together.

12 September 2013

Do you Bake Much?

The following account is the riveting story of two new friends and the batch of brownies that sealed their friendship...

One day, my new friend Melissa was having a tough time. She was having such a terrible day that she petitioned the Facebook world for some brownies, or cookies, or ice cream. ANYTHING.

You know you've been there. 


Because I'm such a great friend (which none of you would know because I never call or write, and I don't live close enough to bring you brownies on your bad days, but thankfully you like me anyway), I whipped up some brownies from my favorite recipe and called her up...

(which is a whole story in and of itself about mixed up contact info in my cell phone, and me thinking that I was talking to Melissa's husband, and how could he not know where she was on a Sunday evening, and why did he not know her phone number...Don't worry, it was the bishop. This did nothing to placate my phone aversion...)

...So when I finally dialed the ACTUAL Melissa and got permission to bring said brownies to her home, I thought all was well.

 When I got to her house, she dove right into the brownies and I gabbed for a few minutes before taking a bite of mine.

My first bite was...off. 

The second bite was...strange.

The third bite was TERRIBLE, and prompted me to ask, 

"Do these brownies taste ok to you?"

To which Melissa only replied,

"Do you bake much?"

Which was the one liner that made us both laugh.

Her official diagnosis: The oil had gone rancid. Grossy-gross!

And bless her! She fully intended to choke the whole thing down if I hadn't noticed.

The brownies went into the garbage where they belonged, and we proceeded to talk well into the night about everything and anything that struck our fancy. 

It's so nice to know people who will like me in spite my baking skills...and phone skills...and letter writing skills...

My Favorite Brownies:

1 cup sugar
1/2 cup flour
1/3 cup cocoa
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon baking powder
2 eggs
1/2 cup vegetable oil
1 teaspoon vanilla

Mix all ingredients. Add any desired add-ins for personaliztion...I'm all about adding a handful of dark chocolate chips. Bake at 350 degrees for 20-25 minutes in a 9"x9" baking dish. 

I love this recipe because it's as easy as using a mix, but it uses ingredients that I already have in my pantry, and it makes a much small batch than the mix does. If all that measuring and putting ingredients puts you off...make mixes using only the dry ingredients. Fill a few ziploc bags at a time and keep them in your pantry for up to six months.  

The Story of Jesse's Life: High School Mixes

Do you remember back before Ipods when people created playlist after playlist and burned them onto blank CD's?

We all did it. And so did Jesse.

Today I saw one of them, and the title made me laugh. 

A lot.

I wish I could tell you what sorts of songs Jesse felt would be well represented by using this as a title for his cd, but I'm not a huge fan of Jesse's music (there's a four year gap between us and a lot can change in the music world in four years), so I didn't bother to listen.

Moral of the story: Be selective about what you write with permanent marker and then save forever...one day, years later, your wife may post it on the interweb because it is funny.

11 September 2013

Andre, {not} Our Chocolate Friend - a silly story

So, you may or may not know that Andre came to visit us for the month of July and it was so fun!

Andre is technically my cousin, but he has lived with my parents for a couple of years, so he sort of feels like a brother. He's also about 15 years younger than me, so he sort of feels like a nephew. So I guess he's my cousinbrothernephew and I really, really, REALLY like him.  We all do.

One morning while he was here, Oliver saw him walking in the hallway upstairs and said in a voice that full of wonder and amazement, as though he had never noticed before,

"Oh MOM! Andre is SO BROWN all over!"

I didn't really know what to say, so I just agreed with him,

"Yes, he is brown."

Then Oliver followed up with this perfect line of hilariosity:

"He looks like chocolate. He is my chocolate friend!" 

While I thought it was hilarious, Andre did not love being Oliver's chocolate friend. I teased him a little bit about it and he was very perturbed.

"That's RACIST!"

He told me.

I told him that it certainly was not racist, because racism comes from hatred, and we love him, and don't hate anyone. He agreed that maybe it wasn't racist, but still was not a fan. And it certainly is not politically correct, so we stopped.

10 September 2013

Sometimes It's the Little Things


Guess what!

I got up this morning (THIS MORNING) and took a shower. Usually, shower doesn't happen until nap time.

Then, after I showered, I styled my hair (blow dried AND straightened). Usually, my hair goes into a bun on the back of my head. On Sunday, it goes into a nicer bun on the back of my head.

Then, after I showered and styled my hair, I put on makeup (on my WHOLE face). Usually, I only put on mascara and eyeliner. And that's only if I'm planning to see people I know. If I'm just planning a trip to the store or the mall, I don't wear any.

Yikes, right?

Then I took Oliver to his first day of sort-of-preschool (which he LOVED) and took myself to the mall to buy Oliver some socks. The socks were so cheap (80 cents), and I felt so good that I decided to buy myself a shirt. It is blue with sparkly sequin polka dots, and it was on sale. I plan to wear it this fall with jeans and boots (yes mom, I will wear a blue shirt with denim pants...I've come a long way!)

And you know what, I felt pretty great.

I guess you sort of forget how nice it feels to get yourself prepared for the day when you're busy trying to just get through it in one piece, and make sure that the little boy's pee pee makes it to the big boy potty more often than not, and other equally remarkably stressful yet mundane things

YIKES, right?

Maybe I'll do it all again tomorrow!

28 August 2013

It might as well be Christmas

Nine of my library holds became available on the same day,

Maryland gave me perfect soup weather on the day I decided to make Lisa's Cream Cheese Chicken and Veggie soup for dinner,

Playgroup is today and I get to go play with all of my friends Oliver is excited,

I get to go shopping for next year's summer Mini Mosai wardrobe! I plan to scour the clearance racks armed with a 20% off coupon and the promise of Kohl's cash.

Can life get better? I submit that it canNOT!

23 August 2013


Dearest Darlingest Grandma Lucy,

I made chicken enchiladas last night. Oliver called them "chiwadas". They were delicious, but now I know why you only make them a few times a year... I mean, the recipe you gave me starts with cooking a whole chicken... Those babies are a lot of work.

Thanks for all of the delicious chicken enchilada you have fed me throughout my life. And thank you for sharing your recipe so that, every once in a while, I can eat them even when I live a million miles away.

Love, Della

21 August 2013

Getting Around...Be Impressed!

So, we've lived here just over a year, and I still feel lost almost all of the time.

The roads are twisty, the trees are tall and thick, and it's all rather disorienting. 

Part of the reason I'm always lost is that we sold our second car in preparation for moving, and I spent a lot of time in the past year at home with Oliver while Jesse went to school.

Now that we have a new car (oh yeah, I forgot to tell you...WE GOT A NEW CAR) and I can go and do things at my leisure, I've been feeling more and more comfortable on the road. 

I'm even picking up on the roadway language and no longer stare at people like a deer in headlights as they talk about one or more of the 8 million freeway routes when giving me directions.  

OK, that still happens all of the time, but I DO have a much better grasp of what's going on out there. 

AND, yesterday I met a milestone, which I wanted to share. 

So, without further ado, I present:

THE SHORT LIST OF PLACES I CAN DRIVE MYSELF (without the help of my mostly helpful GPS):

Arundel Mills (Mall, Costco, Safeway)
The Post Office
The Library
Sam's Club
Church (I know three routes to get myself there!)
Most of my friends' homes
Greenbelt Metro Station

And newly added to this list: Ikea

My funny friend said, "Probably one of the most important places other than church," and, personally, I couldn't agree more!

Except I can't quite trust myself to get home from Ikea yet...I'll have to practice. And the practice is going to be GREAT!

20 August 2013

Things That Interest Oliver

I was organizing photos on the laptop today and started erasing random photos of my front door and laundry piles, wondering why I would have taken such photos. Then I found a whole slew of Oliver selfies and realized that he must have taken them... I thought you would like to see the sights around our home that interest Ollivander the very most:

15 August 2013

A Look Into the Lazy Life I've Been Living...

Last night, while lying in bed, I told Jesse that we would be eating vegetables today. I don't remember eating a single vegetable since Sunday. Mostly, I just remember eating treats.

This morning, I asked Oliver what he would like to do today. He said, "Umm...we could play on the playground today. It would be super fun!" Like I needed convincing... Ok, so I usually need convincing to go to the playground. Or outside.

I have to clean up today. While Andre was here, I asked him to do chores. He rocked at them. And since I didn't want him to feel like he was the only one doing any work, I did chores too. Well now Andre is gone *sniff* and I'm pretty sure my house is in shambles. I guess I wouldn't know, as I've been spending all my time in bed watching Downton Abbey while my short free trial of Amazon Prime still works. 

I have to update my budget book today. I don't even want to talk about it.

I really really really would like to go to JoAnn's today and find a project to start. I haven't made anything in months, and I'm starting to get the sewing/crafting itch. But that's last on the list, because you don't get to start a craft when you can't even find your kitchen table. And you can't buy craft supplies when you haven't checked your budget. And you can't deny your kid the playground when he's assured you that it will be super fun. You just can't ok.

But you should always eat vegetables.

Yeah. I'll get right on that...

09 August 2013


Today was our fifth wedding anniversary.

Some frequencies for our fifth year:

Five years means...
60 months
260 weeks
1820 days
1 child
3 states
3 cars
6 apartments
and so on and so forth...

This last year was probably our hardest yet, and we still really like each other when you get down to it, which is good news for the future.

In my dreams, we spent our anniversary in Philadelphia seeing the Liberty Bell and pretending to be Rocky.

In real life, we spent our anniversary apart. Jesse surprised Andre with a trip to Six Flags to ride roller coasters and hang out with Wonder Woman, because he's cool like that, and my mom is generous.

I stayed home with Oliver and ordered black out curtains for all of the bedroom windows in the house. Happy anniversary to me!

Tomorrow we will eat some Tuxedo Mousse cake that we picked up for the occasion, and look forward to another year of marital bliss...and some intensely awesome sleep in some intensely dark rooms.

16 July 2013


Oliver is 3 years old!

At 3 years old, this silly boy loves being funny, reading books, watching tv, making up nonsense words, and getting out of the house! He plays with trucks and trains every single day, and loves to talk about dinosaurs. He loves his family, and flying on airplanes.

We got to celebrate the big boy's birthday with Chad and Andre, who are both in town.

We had pizza, root beer, chocolate cake, and a big pile of presents!

14 June 2013

Oliver's Short Lived Swearing Habit

Oliver picked up a little swearing habit for a few days this summer.

His word of choice?


It was first heard while playing in the sprinklers.

My mom said she thought she heard it. I didn't believe her. I'm constantly forgetting that she is always right.

He next used the word while at Grandma Childs' house eating pineapple sherbet. He lost a spoonful of it on the table in front of him and very calmly said, "Dammit, I dropped my ice cream."

I laughed inside, and then had a talk with him about good words and bad words. I think we've got things under control again.

07 June 2013

Did you know there is National Doughnut Day?

I love doughnuts a lot.

Imagine my surprise when I learned that there was a National Doughnut Day...

I almost missed out completely, but as soon as I heard about it, I piled Heather, Andre, and Oliver into the car (way past Ollie's bedtime) so that we could partake in the grand affair...

One trip to Fresh Market later and we had ourselves a bunch of delicious doughnuts and a new summer theme song: Can't Hold Us. You should see the moves Heather taught Andre and Oliver in the car...

02 June 2013

Picking My Battles

I have to "pick my battles" a lot with Oliver. He is a very determined fellow. He doesn't have an opinion about everything, but when he does, watch out!

Today he emerged from his room with bright orange socks instead of the white that I asked for. When it became clear that he wasn't going to change his mind, I decided to just go with it.

They're only socks, after all.