27 July 2009

Name Change!

SO.....I changed the name of the blog. We were watching Meet the Robinson's the other day and it all of the sudden hit me: Even though I don't love Rob Thomas at all,


Therefore, it is our new song (because we never had one), it is the new name of the blog, and it makes me happy!

Little Wonders-Rob Thomas

Let it go, let it roll right off your shoulder,
Don't you know, the hardest part is over, let it in,
Let your clarity define you in the end,
You will only just remember how it feels.

Our lives are made, in these small hours, these little wonders
These twists and turns of fate, time falls away,
But these small hours, these small hours, still remain.

Let it slide, let your troubles fall behind you, let it shine,
Till you feel it all around you,
And I don't mind, if it's me you need to turn to, we'll get by,
It's the heart that really matters in the end.

Our lives are made, in these small hours, these little wonders
These twists and turns of fate, time falls away,
But these small hours, these small hours, still remain.

All of my regret, will wash away somehow,
But I cannot forget the way I feel right now.
In these small hours, these little wonders,
these twists and turns of fate,

Time falls away, but these small hours still remain.

26 July 2009

The Story of Jesse's Life Part II

6:24 a.m.

Jesse gets out of bed to turn on the air conditioner in the blind-less front room of our apartment.

Della "Don't go out there in your underwear! Everybody will see you"

From the bedroom Della hears Jesse:

"Oh wow! Della come look at all the everybodies out there lookin at me
in my underwear!"

25 July 2009

Do You Remember?

Dear Mom,

Do you remember when Ashley and I were little and you and Colleen took us to see The Swan Princess?
Do you remember that you bought me popcorn and a drink?
Do you remember that my drink came in a super cool Swan Princess Cup with a frog on top for the lid?
Do you remember how I showed it to Ashley and Colleen had to get her one too?

I wanted to tell you that I remember. Thank you for taking me to see The Swan Princess and for buying me popcorn and a cool cup with a frog lid...I love you.

P.S. I'm sorry that I got mad whenever anyone else used my frog cup.

Dancer of the Year

Finally! The long awaited "Dancer of the Year" posts begin.

I was so proud of my little Heather when she was given the award of dancer of the year. This means that in the past year at Salt Lake Dance Center, she was observed by the teachers to have had the best attitude, shown the most improvement, and been the most likely to succeed in dance. WOW! She really is that good.

Because of this, I have informed her that she must dance everywhere she goes. This constant dancing is to be photographed so that I may feature her on my blog. Here is the first post.

This a photo of Miss Heather taken at the dance studio. I thought to myself, "If she is going to be traveling the world as a dancer she should begin at her roots."

23 July 2009

Mrs. Moses

Yesterday Jesse and I got our 10% off cards from WalMart in the mail...His said "Jesse A. Moses"...that's because they know who he is.

Mine said "MRS MOSES"

It was like it jumped out and punched me in the eye...They might as well have just put "old lady" in that space....I am too young to be referred to as "Mrs"...even if that's what I am.

However, regardless of what my name is on the card, I am keeping it....ten percent is still ten percent.

21 July 2009

Laundry day!

I wanted to share with you the JOYS of laundry day.

Laundry day is quite possibly my least favorite day. It is worse than dentist day, doctor day, and test day....that's a fact. I dislike laundry so sincerely that I wait until the last possible minute to do it. This turns out to be every two weeks. (It works because there are only two of us so there aren't that many dirty clothes in the first place, but it never feels that way).

The couple that occupied the Anderson apartment prior to us were gracious enough to leave this little washing machine behind...I am grateful for that. It allows us to save a few dollars every laundry day, however it adds a whole lot of hassle.

First, we must hook up our washer to the sink with one hose, and direct the other hose to the drain in the tub.

Then we turn on the washer and wait...forever...because there isn't enough water pressure from the sink to fill the the washer in a timely manner. Then the washer begins it's cycle...it gets loud, then louder, then LOUDEST until it hits the spin cycle, and then there is no possibility whatsoever of conversation, as it sounds like there is an aircraft landing in my hallway. The sound is enhanced by the echo off of the pretty blue bricks that make up the walls in the hallway.

Then we take all the clothes out and hang them up, however, I get a break when it comes to underwears because they just go straight to the dryer in the basement. (Fifty cents is a lot cheaper than all of the hangers I would have to buy to hang up all those undies.)

I truly am grateful for my little washing machine that allows me to save a few dollars, but it's certainly hard to remember that on LAUNDRY DAY.

20 July 2009

The Story of Jesse's Life

Della: "Jesse, would you please get me some water?"

At which point Jesse gets out of bed, goes to the kitchen, fills a glass and takes it Della.

"This isn't from the fridge?!"

He is so good to me.

18 July 2009

Quotes from Kwin

Today was a special day! Our dear friend Kwin came to visit!

That boy is so funny. It reminded me of the good old days when Kwin, Niels, Jesse and I would hang out at Canyon View number 8. Jesse had so much fun reminiscing with him and I enjoyed "flirting" with him again for old time's sake. Kwin has the greatest sense of humor! I laughed the whole time. Here are some of the things he said...

He was telling us about his turn to teach the sexual purity lesson at EFY...we reenacted his favorite part.

Kwin: "What is round, red, and has a stem?"
Jesse: "An apple!"
Kwin: "Who is Peter Pan's side-kick?"
Della: "Tinker Bell!"
Kwin: "How many stripes does a bee have?"
Della: "Three!" (I wasn't thinking very clearly, really it's five)
Kwin: "How fast can a swallow fly?"
Jesse: "African or European?"
Kwin: "Well I guess you know a whole lot more about fruit and fairies than you do about the birds and the bees."

Also, throughout the night he would drop all of these hilarious pick up lines (for old times sake). These were my favorites.

"If I were a gardener I would put your "two lips" by mine."

"Let's make like fabric softener and snuggle."

"Do you like water? Then you like over 70% of my body!"

That's our Kwin!

Manchet Thurston Lives On!

I just wanted to take a moment to share with you the happiest news of the summer! After a two hundred dollar part from the Saturn dealership and a very long evening of mechanical work my little car, Manchet Thurston is once again "up to snuff" and shifts like the day I drove him off the lot.

This is all thanks to my wonderful husband Jesse who put a lot of time and effort into fixing this car.

My favorite part of the fixing process was when the car was parked on the curb so that Jesse had enough room to work under it and my elbow hit the emergency break causing it to roll off. Luckily Moses was in the car with me (rather than under it) so he wasn't squished, but it sure made the process more difficult for him...he had to think thin.

We have missed dear Manchet Thurston. I am so happy that he has been repaired. It will make our lives so much easier.


09 July 2009

The Quest for the Perfect Picture

The story of two girls and their camera...

It has long been known that Miss Heather is willing to do just about anything to get a good picture...This trip I decided to join in. Here we are giving the people what they wanted...silly poses for great pictures.

Later, while at a scenic overlook in Kolob Canyons, we decided that we needed a "falling off a cliff" picture...to go along with all of the other ones we took.

We got up close and personal with that there rock, and had dad help a little by supporting on of our legs...

Here you can see Heather demonstrating this delicate process.


Another Success!

We were pleased as punch!

08 July 2009

Cedar City or Bust

I was so excited when my mom invited me to go to Cedar City with the family for the 4th of July. I have missed "campin" out with them since I got myself hitched. The day came and they picked me up in Nephi on their way down. Poor Jesse had to stay home and work.

The most important stop of the day (to me at least) was in Beaver for some delicious ice cream. Here you can see the caravan parked on the side of the road. I love the sight of these two twin trucks and trailors (well almost twin). They remind me of all of the other fun trips we have taken.

Here you can see a couple of Happy Campers in the back seat of Soda Pop's truck. Heather was gracious enough to let me share that back seat...usually she is the only one riding with them.

We spend a lot of relax-y time on this trip. It was rather enjoyable. Here are some more Happy Campers lounging in the nice weather at the County Aire Estates Rv Park.

This picture was taken to recreate the Chair Folding Incident of 2009 in which Della turned to sit in her antique camping chair and ended up in the grass. Heather claims that it depicts the actual event almost perfectly.

We decided to take in the sites of Cedar Breaks. It was breathtaking and well worth our time.

Please take the time to notice how much my facial features mirror my mother's. This is something that I LOVE about me!

We also enjoyed a lunch picnic each day. I loved it!

Mom sure can make a mean chicken salad sandwhich. I ate more fresh vegetables in that one weekend than in a month on my own...veggies are expensive.

The Next day we visited Kolob Canyons and it was equally beautiful.

My dear Grandma Lucy rode in the car with Pop Corn, Heather, and me...she used her Super Senior Citizen Power to get us in for free. Good thing too because even though it was beautiful, one hour of site seeing is not worth $26

I caught these Cool Cats taking in some shade.

All in all it was a great trip and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I can't wait for the next one!

Thanks Mom, Popsicle, Grandma, Grandpa, and Heather for being such great company and for letting me tag along, and another thanks to Grandpa and Heather for sharing your pictures with me. If I had been left to my own devices, this would have been one short blog post.
Love, Della

04 July 2009

Survival of the Fittest

Starring: Heather Childs and Della Moses

A lovely family outing to Cedar Breaks turns dangerous quickly as Heather lures Della to a "scenic overlook"

(should have been Della's first sign)

My Toes Hurt!

While campin out with my sweet sister Heather, I had a recollection...

July 9th 2007, very early in the morning...

H-dizz: (wakes up)...TURN OFF THE LIGHT

Della: I'm reading

H-dizz: Turn off the light. MY TOES HURT! Turn it off.

It was a strange enough request that I couldn't deny her.

02 July 2009

"...One boy to go with, to talk with and walk with..."

The single most repeated piece of advice given from Jesse's mom, Jacque so far since we were engaged has been to walk together everyday. She and Mike have done so for a very long time and she feels it is one of the biggest ways that they have strengthened their relationship.

Jesse and I had never really tried this...because we are lazy. But recently we have been getting FAT (due to the laziness) and I have been talking about walking for a while. I finally insisted.

It was a silly start...Jesse was sitting on our front porch putting on his socks and shoes and looking for any reason to not go. "Della! There's a scar on my knee...I don't know where it came from...but we can't go." or "Della! I can't go, I didn't comb my hair today." If you know Jesse Moses you know what goof he can , but as we got started we would point out houses or cars to each other and say "what do you think about that one?"

Our walk was so relaxing, and it felt good to be outside. I really got a glimpse of what Jacque was talking about and I hope to make walking a daily routine.