31 December 2009

Maybe a Misprint?

Jesse served his mission in Argentina...

The Argentines enjoy gummy bears...

They like to put characters on their gummy bear wrappers...ya know...

..."Dr. Bear," "Teacher Bear," and so on.

Well, maybe they should have checked their spelling for inappropriate typos.

This was supposed to be "Rapper Bear" but then something went HORRIBLY wrong...

See for yourself...

Nice huh?

18 December 2009

Ridin' Around In Our Automobile

Disclaimer: Jesse Moses has superb driving skills.

Yesterday, Jesse and I were in the car together. Jesse was driving while I was "backseat driving"...as usual.

At a stop sign, Jesse said to me,

"You know, I think you underestimate my driving capabilities."

No more than two seconds later, he stalled the car...I snickered to myself in the passenger seat.

As we drove away, Jesse clarified,

"I meant to do that."

15 December 2009

Story of Jesse's Life Part VI

Last night, Jesse took me out...to EAT no less. And it was delicious.

At ten o' clock I began to experience the most unrealistic craving for a root beer float...all I could think about was how delectable the one I has consumed the night before at Sunday Dinner had been...

"Jesse" I said.

He ignored me.

"JESSE...I need a root beer float!"

"Need or want?" he asked.

"NEED...NOW!!!" I said as calmly as I could.

So we jumped in the car and sped over to Wal-Mart for root beer float ingredients...the good ones. And as soon as we got home, I made one for me...


I was so very happy....and Moses thought I was nuts.

10 December 2009

Our New Pet...Well Sort Of

Meet Cal...short for Calefactor. Tim brought him over last night. Thank goodness too!

...and I promise to feed him, and walk him, and clean up after him, and love him! Good thing he's so low maintenance.

He will be keeping us company for a little while...at least until I give in and ask maintenance to turn our heat back on...not til I'm desperate though. The smell from those old radiators makes me sick.

09 December 2009

We're Chill

With finals week came stress and snow...but don't worry about us. We are completely "chill."

So chill in fact that ice is forming on the INSIDE of our windows
(Our "frosted window panes" are completely legit!)

You never guessed just how "cool" your favorite Moseseses could be.

06 December 2009

Decorating "Outside the Box"

Due to severe lack of space in our tiny Anderson apartment,

We decided that some "Glorified Mistletoe" would do the trick.

That's right Lovelies, our Christmas tree is on the ceiling this year.

We LOVE it!

Jesse Took These Pictures...

'Cause he thinks I'm cute.

I think that's debatable...

But I'll take the compliment!

03 December 2009

The Night Before Christmas

On December 11th and 12th, our very own DANCER OF THE YEAR will be performing in the Ballet Jeunesse' production of

"The Night Before Christmas."
(Heather is in the middle)

The girl has NINE parts.

I was in the show when they were performing at nursing homes...it is now hosted by the Rose Wagner theater in Salt Lake City.

This is a wonderful story set to motion through dance. It is great for all ages, and sets the tone for the Christmas season.

"Displaying a plethora of children’s characters along with Santa Claus, the Ballet Jeunesse Christmas presentation brings a wide variety of dance styles to the stage including the fiery flamenco, the sparkling can-can, the spirited tarantella, the reverent liturgical and the majestic classical .

The new production was written by nationally acclaimed theater director Neil Hess, and though based on the traditional “The Night before Christmas” by Clement Moore, takes an original twist and brings the audience into a swirl of magical settings including the land of the Christmas Fairy, Land of the Snow Queen, Story Book Land, the Palace of the Sugar Plum Fairy, and eventually Santa Land at the North Pole."

Tickets are $10 and can be purchased here

ps...the more tickets that are sold on behalf of Heather Childs, the better her chances are of winning a custom made Tutu, and we know how much a Dancer of the Year would love one of those. To help in this cause, contact Heather and buy the tickets directly from her.

My date Beatrice and I will be there on Saturday...so will Bryan and his new girlfriend who I am excited to meet. Hope to see you there!


01 December 2009

December is For...

Advent Calendars

Christmas Socks

And Neil Diamond Christmas Albums

Without these...you're sunk!

30 November 2009

The Story of Jesse's Life Part V

The other day, Jesse and I walked into the store...the first words out of my mouth:

"It stinks in here!"

Jesse's response:

"Is it a bad thing if I'm starting to expect you to say that everywhere we go?"

Apparently my thoughts are becoming redundant and are boring my friend Moses...

And that's fine.

23 November 2009

Success in the Pancake Department

My struggle began in 11th grade when the foods teacher assigned a "quick breads" project. I chose pancakes...because they were supposed to be easy...even from scratch.

An hour later, I still didn't have a decent pancake...

the batter was too thick,

the batter was too thin,

the griddle was too HOT,

the griddle was too cold...

I tried and tried. Finally I ended up with a thick doughy pancake. I put it on a paper plate, into a plastic bag and waited with bated breath...hoping that it would still look like a pancake when I turned it in. Luckily the teacher had no plans to eat it.

Over the years I have had the same general problems. Once while at my parent's house for the weekend, I decided to make pancakes for Heather and Jesse...somehow I made rubber instead.

Tonight I wanted breakfast...not just breakfast...pancakes. I pulled down my bucket of home made whole wheat pancake mix (courtesy of Jesse's mom) and crossed my fingers.

And then it happened! Success I had created pancakes...perfect pancakes!

I can now die happy!

16 November 2009


Today I was honest!

I applied for a government financial aid program...and I was COMPLETELY honest.

I should have been proud of myself....but here's what really went through my head as I drove out of Manti:

"I should have thought ahead and asked my mom to close that account, now I'll never qualify!"

Yes my pretties, apparently all of my life I have been living by false moral principles. I cannot truthfully proclaim honesty to be the best policy.

I am now very ashamed...but let's face it...I was honest and that's the part that counts.

-please have ripe fruits on hand to throw in my general direction as I walk by...for my crimes against humanity of course-

15 November 2009

My Recent Prayers

Small Enough- Nichole Nordeman

Oh great God, be small enough to hear me now.
There were times when I was crying from the dark of Daniel's den,
And I have asked you once or twice if you would part the sea again
Tonight I do not need a fiery pillar in the sky.
Just wanna know you're gonna hold me if I start to cry.

Oh great God be small enough to hear me now.

Oh great God be close enough to feel you now.
There have been moments when I could not face Goliath on my own,
And how could I forget we marched around our share of Jerichos.
But I will not be setting out a fleece for you tonight,
Just wanna know that everything will be alright.

Oh great God be close enough to feel you now.

All praise and all the honor be to the god of ancient mysteries,
Whose every sign and wonder turned the pages of our history.
But tonight my heart is heavy and I cannot keep from whipering this prayer,
"Are you there?"

And I know you could leave writing on the wall that's just for me,
Or send wisdom while I'm sleeping like in Solomans sweet dreams,
But I don't need the strength of Samson or a chariot in the air.
Just wanna know that you still know how many hairs on are my head.

Oh great God, be small enough to hear me now.

09 November 2009


Family traditions counter alienation and confusion. They help
us define who we are; they provide something steady, reliable and safe in a
confusing world.

-Susan Lieberman

I come from a great family....a small group of people steeped in traditions. I love those traditions.

I have also joined a great family....a small group of people with their own traditions...each one contrasting with mine.

Recently, I talked with some of my family members about these traditions and decided that different doesn't have to be bad....just different.

My Grandma Childs and I talked about the beautiful traditions that are just for Heather and I alone to share with her, the happiness that they have brought her, and the lovely dishes and table clothes that she has to remind her of all of those years when we set the table together, cut the banana's for the pies, and mixed the ranch dressing.

I thanked her for those beautiful memories, and for all that she had taught me. I know how to set a beautiful table, to use two white table clothes so that the dishes don't make noise when you set them down, how to make whipping cream and how to make banana cream pie.

This year our Thanksgiving traditions are changing, and the thought of it has been difficult for me to accept in some ways, yet simple at the same time.

Yesterday Grandma taught me that, though traditions may change because of age, convenience or marriage, we shouldn't mourn the loss of the tradition, but treasure the memories that it brought to us. She also taught me that the best way that she knew to enjoy life in the moment, and keep that moment forever was to establish traditions with those that you love.

And hopefully someday, I'll be able to set that beautiful table, or one like it again.

01 November 2009

Tunnels of Terror

The past couple of weeks have been a little scary at our house....we have been busy preparing for


The tunnels of terror are a spook alley of sorts that Snow College Housing sets up in the maintenance tunnels that run under the campus. It has been stressful and time consuming....very time consuming.

On the bright side:
  1. Our friendships with the residents who helped out have improved.
  2. Our section was the BEST!...our dormbies are so creative and scary...not even exaggerating
  3. And we are ever so grateful that.....
The Tunnels of Terror are OVER...

...now we can get our lives back.

Hope you had a wonderful Halloween!

22 October 2009

A Quiet Night: Courtesy of the GOMBOO

Yesterday, after being awoken from a blessed nap by persistent residents (they didn't stop knocking until I opened the door) so that I could perform various unnecessary tasks to cure THEIR boredom, I wrote a note on my door directed to all of my darling dormbies.

It read:

"I am SICK and GROUCHY. Don't bother me unless
you are dying."

Needless to say it was a quiet night at our apartment. I missed them a little but for the most part it was wonderful!

I may or may not be sick more often if that's how it's going to be...

14 October 2009

Dear Calculator,

I miss you.

I am so sorry that I had to put you away and not use you at all this semester.

It's not because I don't like you...it is because my math teacher doesn't believe in the work that you do.

She wants me to use my head...

can you believe that calculator?

I just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you...deep down at the bottom of my sock drawer...

Next semester I will pull you out again, feed you some new batteries and we will do lots of math together to make up for lost time.

Until then, adieu

12 October 2009

Today Today....


Willy Wonka...Seventeen years ago you came into my life!

At the reception desk in the hospital, they asked mom what she was having and dad said


I am so glad that you are not a puppy...

Maybe they didn't name you Lindsay like I wanted them to...But now I know that our parents were right....as usual.

You are a Heather through and through.

Heether, you are the joy of your parents (and me too)...

I am ALWAYS impressed by your creativity, passion for everything that you do, your sense of humor, and for your testimony that is so easy to see. You are a beautiful example to me of everything that I want to be.

I hope that you have a beautiful day! You sure deserve it!

I'm not going to lie...I'm very sad that I missed your Columbus Day* dinner and your Columbus Day* this year... I hope you can forgive me and will let me come and celebrate your birthday with you one day very soon...

*If you are lucky enough to spend today with Heather, then you may assume that Columbus Day = Birthday.

On a different note....lets talk about my family! What wonderful cousins I have! My Sweet cousins Kristen and her delightful daughters S, A, and K cut out these hearts for Heather's birthday and planted them in our front garden...I love them!

07 October 2009

Orange You Glad?

There are many things that I am happy about today...

But mostly I am glad for great friends, fun memories, and Spendy's pirate shirt.

What are you glad for today?

06 October 2009

02 October 2009

The Memory of Trees

I used to enjoy scenic drives with my family

...mostly because of the book in my hand.

One day while on one of our scenic expeditions, my grandmother (tired of the books and other pointless gadgets occupying her grandchildren's eyes) exclaimed,

"I want them to look at every tree!"

Since then, the most enjoyable aspect of scenic jaunts with my family has been pointing out all of the exceptionally ordinary trees I can find to my dear grandma.

Now that I'm older, I really do enjoy scenic explorations

...mostly for the scenery.

In fact, yesterday I insisted that Jesse and I head to Maple Canyon...

intent only to note the trees.

Grandma, this time I looked at every one and wished you were there to enjoy them with me.

30 September 2009

Today I feel...

Under this national rain cloud
I'm getting soaked to the skin
Trying to find my umbrella
But I don't know where to begin

And it's simply irrational weather
Can't even hear myself think
Constantly bailing out water
But still feel like I'm gonna sink

'Cause I'm under the weather
Just like the world
So sorry for being so bold
When I turn out the light
You're out of sight
Although I know that I'm not alone

Under the Weather-KT Tunstall

29 September 2009

The Story of Jesse's Life Part IV

Ever since we were married, I have made a habit of wearing Jesse's red basketball shorts whenever I could get my hands on them. They are so comfy! Yesterday Jesse came home with more basketball shorts and I was so excited until...

Della, "Jesse, why did you buy these colors...they are weird."

Jesse, "Because I like these colors."

Della, "But I don't want to wear YELLOW!"

Jesse's final statement on the matter:


I guess that means the red ones are mine...

22 September 2009

Emotional Outbursts

I recognize that I should be grateful that my "TO DO" list for the day only contains two items of business...
...but I do NOT feel grateful.

Both of my tasks are equally HORRENDOUS...

Math Homework

... and...

Dish Washing


However, at this time I would like to say a great big "THANK YOU" to all the women in my life whose lists are much longer and more horrific than the mere annoyances on my own. You are such marvelous examples to me. In fact, your examples have influenced my life so tremendously that I will now stop my complaining and...drumroll please...get started on my math.

21 September 2009

Tight Like a Dish

Dear Ashley Beatrice,

There are so many wonderful things that I could say about you, but I think the blog would burst if I tried to post it all.

Suffice it to say that I am ever grateful for your love and friendship that never falters. I love everything about you. Everything. You are one of my "Top 10 Favorite Nouns" (persons, places, things, and ideas).

I'm so sorry that I defiled the Book of Ether in your scriptures when we were in high school...but I still love what I wrote. I am so glad that it is still true.

18 September 2009

Home Is...

Lately, I have been homesick.

I have missed my family, friends, and even the smell of the laundry detergent that my mom used to wash my clothes with.

This morning I opened the blinds in our tiny Anderson apartment, and the sunlight burst through to greet me. It reminded me of many mornings in my parents' home when the sun shone through the windows with the same vibrant golden color. I stood there briefly feeling somewhat nostalgic, and more homesick than ever. Immediately, the light warmed my soul, and whispered to my heart,

"This place can be home too."
It was as though that sunlight had exposed the secret desire hidden deep within my heart to be home, and had given me a precious gift.

I looked around the little apartment stuffed full of our things, and for the first time since Jesse and I moved in, my heart is here at Anderson, and we all know that
"Home is where the heart is."

10 September 2009

Vacation: All I Ever Wanted

Last weekend, Jesse and I chose to spend our Labor Day weekend with our dear city friends Annie and Jeremy. Annie and I had been counting down the days for what seemed like ages...We met them in Nephi, carpooled down to Zions National Park, set up camp, and hiked our weekend away. It was marvelous!

We were infatuated with our elephant tent.

Miss Annie and I were so happy to spend time together that we even enjoyed washing the dishes!
While Jesse and Annie climbed this mountain to Angel's Landing...
Jeremy saved me from this fearless lizard.
We were then privileged to attend the baptism of our nephew in Cedar City where Eric let us use his shower....thank goodness too! Nathan and Megan fed us a delicious BBQ meal. It was lovely to catch up with Jesse's family for a little while.
The next day we went on another beautiful hike to the Emerald Pools and tried to make the most of the last day or our vacation.
All in all, we got a lot of exercise, consumed plenty of delicious dutch oven food, and participated in fun conversations. Best of all, we spent a whole weekend in the presence of Annie's camping organizational skills and Jeremy's food preparation talents. We learned so much and can't wait to become camping experts ourselves.
Thank you Annie for planning such a sensational weekend getaway and for being such a remarkable friend. Can't wait to see you both again!

08 September 2009

A Memory and A Fulfillment

I was very young. My grandmother, brother, and I were driving in the old blue van with the personalized license plates to a destination of little importance when Grandma Lucy posed the question,

What do you children want to be when you grow up?

I knew this answer! I had been asked this particular question many times throughout my young life and had come to the perfect conclusion. I was going to be a princess! It was my call in life. I knew this was the perfect job for me because of my overwhelming desire to sing, wear beautiful dresses, and be very pretty. That’s what princesses do in the great kingdom of Disney isn’t it?

Very quickly, my dreams of castles and gowns were flattened as my brother explained,

You can’t be a princess. You have to marry a prince in order to be a princess, and we don’t have princes here in America. We have presidents.

As soon as my grandmother agreed with him, the deal was sealed. I would not be a princess. I was OK with that, and moved on to make other equally unrealistic goals...such as attending Hogwarts.

However, sometimes I think that maybe I did grow up to be a princess. Some days I feel like Cinderella, cleaning and working my life away. Some days I feel like Rapunzel, kept by wicked witch, "Snow College" from the family and friends that I love and miss. My favorite days are those when I feel like Sleeping Beauty, waking up to a beautiful life...

...Today I was a little of each, but a princess none-the-less!

31 August 2009

The Tale of a Snoop

My name is Della Marie and I am a snoopaholic.

As you may already know, I am NO GOOD at surprises. With me, there is no keeping, or hiding surprises...

One fateful day, I was involved in a snooping incident in which the police were almost called when our neighbors saw the door to our fifth wheel trailer hanging open and knew that my family was supposed to be at church. Meanwhile, I was inside said fifth wheel trailer drooling over all of the Christmas presents that my mom had hidden.

I changed my life that day. I would no longer be a snoop. But you've heard the phrase

"Once a snoopaholic, always a snoopaholic."

Well it goes something like that anyway.

Now that you know my dirty little secret, you will fully appreciate the horror I felt last week when Jesse texted me and told me that he had purchased a surprise for me for Christmas. Immediately my mind began to reel, thinking of all of the hiding places he might find in our little apartment and how soon I could get to them to see what the surprise could be. I felt so guilty, and decided I would not give in.

When I got home that day I was greeted by a very serious Jesse. He had taken his surprise, wrapped it in a pair of old pants, put it in a plastic bag, and showed it to me so that when I went on one of my cleaning frenzies I wouldn't open it up or throw it out. Then he went to hide it...

I closed my eyes, covered my ears, and hummed my favorite hymn all in hopes that I would be completely unaware as to the location of the parcel. It worked........until yesterday.

I saw that oh-so-ridiculously packaged piece of temptation in the top of the closet and before I knew what was happening, my hand had almost reached it with the intent to pull it down. At this realization, I turned myself around and walked away.

I have come so far.

27 August 2009

The Story of Jesse's Life Part III

Today I came home from work, sat down at the computer and noticed something strange...a measuring cup which had so obviously been used as a tomato soup dispenser.

"Why would he do that?" I thought.

So when he came home, I asked him about it.

Della "Sir, do you know anything about a measuring cup used for tomato soup?"

Jesse, "Yeah..."

Della, "So...?"

Jesse, "Well...it's better than a bowl because our bowls get so hot in the microwave and the measuring cup has a handle so I don't burn my fingers...and plus, there's a pour spout so I don't even need a spoon..."

One thing I can be grateful for: Our kids will be very creative. I can see it now...

Della, "Little Jesse, why is the blender in the bathroom?"

Little Jesse, "I figured it out mom! All I have to do is put in a little water and soap and it lathers up nicely...then I just pour it over my head and BAM! I'm clean."

24 August 2009

Rainy Days and Mondays

Lately I've been a little down:

"What I've got they used to call the blues. Nothing is really wrong,
feeling like I don't belong..."

However, here are some things that helped me to feel a little bit of sunshine on this rainy Monday:

A loving Husband...

New barrettes for my hair...

The Semester Survival Kit that came in the mail from Best Friend Annie...

*and her sweet coworker Cheryse

A phone call with each of these lovely ladies

And a simple reminder that everything is fine...

20 August 2009

The New Woman

There is a new woman in Jesse's life.

He's begun spending all of his spare time with her.

I think he might love her...

...but I'm not jealous.

18 August 2009

Let's Get Rollin!

These ingredients...
In these shells...
Fry'em up we're having egg rolls!

They were so good! Thanks girls!

To make this delectable dish:

1 package egg roll wraps
1 very small head of cabbage, chopped
1 (8 oz) package mushrooms, diced (nickel sized)
1 (8 oz) can water chestnuts, drained and minced
1 (7 oz) package bean sprouts
1 lb hot sausage

Brown sausage, add vegetables. Heat through. Roll into egg roll wraps and fry.

(Thanks Bea!)

16 August 2009

Maintenance Please!

This was our maintenance request for the evening....thought I'd share:

"Men's toilets are clogged due to the fact that the boys don't know how to flush yet...we have tried plunging. In the future we will have a talk with them about how to finalize their business, but until then...PLEASE HELP! Thank You!"

Can you believe this would even be a problem with almost-adults?

We Made It!

Today marks the end of a very long week for us here at Anderson Hall.

Thus far, we have already had to call police dispatch, kick out some guests without proper authorization to stay overnight, and remind all the new residents to flush toilets when they have finished their business in the loo...(THAT'S RIGHT YIKES!)

We had training all day for four days in a row. We learned how to be peer mentors and all about on-campus housing policy. We participated in many long drawn out conversations pertaining to TV privileges, curfews,overnight guests, spent endless hours decorating...and then there was that horrific stint in the housing office involving keys. However it was all very worth it because free food for every meal was involved, and we had great company...for the most part.

And so we made it to CHECK IN DAY. That was yesterday. We spent a lot of time in the lobby, meeting a lot of people that I don't remember.

The funniest moms:

"Where's the ironing board?...BUT WHAT IS HE SUPPOSED TO DO ON SUNDAY?"

"Are you good babysitters...He needs a lot of instruction...and eye contact."

Maybe it's time to cut some apron strings?

However long and drawn out our week was, we are very grateful to our fellow Anderson RA's and ARA's for their terrific senses of humor, and for their stupendous attitudes. We really feel like we can trust them to do their part and it helps us want to do ours. We look forward to a great year!

13 August 2009

Of the Fitness Sort

This morning while I was still lounging in bed, Moses got up, got himself ready and then said something I have never heard him say in the time that I have known him...

"I'm going for a quick run."

said he.

For a few seconds I wondered about his sanity, but then decided that this could only be a good thing. Maybe this will be the start of a 'new leaf' for us...you know, of the fitness sort.

"Don't forget to stretch!"
said I

Who knows? Maybe I'll be out there taking a quick run tomorrow morning....it could happen.

12 August 2009

Last weekend, Jesse and I chose to celebrate our anniversary by taking a trip to the ZOO! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and took lots of pictures...these were some of the highlights of the trip:

We went to visit the elephant...she was doing her potty dance, which we thought was priceless. It was also near this exhibit that they have a scale set up to measure your weight and then compare that to an elephant's weight...I now weigh as much as a baby elephant. This new discovery was not exactly my favorite, but I suppose it could always be worse.

In the gift shop, Jesse made a new friend...a rather large black widow spider...

...We had some fun with the animal hats...

...and I learned that my pet giraffe has not yet learned to stay off the furniture.

I took a ride on an elephants trunk. That elephant was so fun! It would sneeze on you!

And we saw the main attraction. This is the new baby giraffe! He was so sleepy, but that didn't stop us from spending much of our time gawking at his adorable-ness.
I bet you want to go to the zoo now too...Don'tcha!

*P.S. I don't think that you can see it in any of the pictures, but there was a beautiful french braid in my hair holding my bangs back. I want everyone to know that it was all thanks to Ashley Beatrice who just learned to french braid and decided to grace my boring hair with her new talents. You should ask her to braid your hair...