30 December 2011

Ollie has a habit...

Instead of soothing himself by sucking his thumb, tickling a blanket, or cuddling a toy, he rubs his hair.

It is pretty adorable, but he ends up with big knots on the back of his head after long car rides and restless nights.

I've been combing them out for months because I love his long curls, however, this morning I declared ENOUGH.

I got brave, plopped him in the bath tub and pulled out the scissors and a comb.

It couldn't have gone much worse and it could look a hundred times better, but it's done.

Besides, he doesn't care what it looks like as long as he can reach it.

In the words of my mom "Goodbye baby, Hello little boy!"

29 December 2011

Dirty Laundry

My washer quit washing today...

I guess I'll be handwashing my clothes in the kitchen sink until further notice.

I'm ok with that...for now.

28 December 2011

Happy to be Home

Seven hours in the car from Blanding to Malad is absolutely, positively, NO fun!

Today we were grateful for a delicious breakfast from Jesse's mom to get us started, and a wonderful dinner from my mom to help us make it through the home stretch.

We had a terrific week with our families,

But we are really happy to be home.

Oliver J.'s "Happy Face" Christmas Eve, 2011

27 December 2011

Ask Me What I Did Today!

Hang on there chickadees, I'll tell you!

Today I demonstrated a pretty sound argument as to why I should not be allowed to play with snowmobiles...

Yikes, Right?

I think I'll retire.

26 December 2011

Della's 2011 Christmas Season Favorite

Cleaning up the Christmas Eve feast with my cousins!

R to L: Dad, Me, Shayla, Alicia, Andre

And don't worry...there was caroling involved, which delighted my sweet Grandma...she told me so.

24 December 2011

Jesse's 2011 Christmas Season Favorite:

Teasing me about how much I hate "The Little Drummer Boy"

23 December 2011

The Story of Jesse's Life: Grinching

Last night I was in the basement puttering around in the storage room (you know me, I was trying to find something to throw away) when I heard Jesse frantically calling,

"Della, turn out the lights! Hurry!!!"

So I complied and then slowly...carefully...it was really dark...went to find him. When I asked why we were sitting in darkness, Jesse told me that he had seen carolers across the street...

Good Grief!

As we sat on the stairs in the dark a few minute listening for the sounds of singing, Jesse asked,

"Does this make you feel like a Grinch, or what?"

Oh boy! We sure know how to be merry around here.

22 December 2011

Our Early Christmas

We opened our gifts to and from each other early to avoid carting them all throughout the state of Utah as we travel over the holiday...

That was the rationale...and it was true!

But mostly, we couldn't convince ourselves to wait to play Lego Harry Potter 2 for one more second!

Sadly, poor planning on my part allowed only one photograph before the camera went caput...

21 December 2011

Ollie's 2011 Christmas Season Favorite

So far, Oliver J.'s favorite aspect of the Christmas Season has been the empty wrapping paper tubes...

20 December 2011

This is What Happens When Oliver Gets Into the Laundry Basket:

Yes...Those are my nylons...Thankfully, they made it through the ordeal unscathed 

14 December 2011

Wow. I think I need an attitude check...

12 December 2011

The Things I'm Throwing Away

As you might know, I LOVE to throw junk out/donate to DI...

Today I dropped an old pair of pants into the trash...they had that worn out look when I bought them, and now, three years later they have too much flair to be in style, their worn spots are much, much worse and I know for a fact that there are some new pants coming my way for Christmas from Jesse...because I picked em!

And gosh, it felt good to get rid of something...I'll be on the look out for other things I won't be needing...

08 December 2011

Today's Accomplishment

I finished a class today!
I feel pretty good about that.

Now I can focus some attention on practice for the Praxis (say that 5 times fast) on saturday.

Confession: I have not been a dutiful Praxis practicer...this may not end well. Some would say I'll be fine, and others would pronounce doom and gloom on my head...which might be deserved.

I'm crossing my fingers anyway!

06 December 2011

The Story of Jesse's Life: Coloring Contests

Jesse had to help judge a children's coloring contest today at work...

He wanted to give them all credit for doing their best and being creative, but alas, there could only be one winner...

He felt a little bit horrible when he was done. He wanted to pick them all.

The Bug

Yesterday I had the flu...or something like unto it because, if you'll remember, I did get a flu shot.

It was awful.

Caring for a baby while I'm sick is my worst nightmare...just the thought of it terrifies me...so you can imagine how I felt when I woke up feeling ill and realized that Jesse was headed to work.

I had no energy, I was so nauseous, and every time I threw up, I had to rub Oliver's belly because he was so disturbed by it. Luckily, Ollivander kept his manners about him, took both naps, and didn't get into too much trouble when I fell asleep on the couch. Jesse fed him breakfast and lunch, and I watched movies all day.

I have so much respect for any woman who has ever felt the way I did yesterday and managed motherhood with any sort of grace.

01 December 2011

Welcome December!

Now we are free to listen to all the holiday music we can find and sport our festive Christmas attire!

I do love the Holiday Season! I can't get enough of the lights twinkling on my tree. I love to read stories about this time of year (my favorite has always been The Gift of the Magi...for obvious reasons). I la la la love to sing Christmas songs while I'm cooking in my kitchen. I find peace in the quiet that the snow brings when it transforms the world into a winter wonderland...I'm excited to see Malad all covered in white. I love to celebrate the birth of my Savior.

Mostly I just love to get all wrapped up in the magic and excitement of the season.

And yes, I still believe in Santa Clause.