30 June 2009

In Remembrance...

This post is to be a special commemoration for the wonderful office chair that blessed our lives for a short while.

He came to our home one day as a broken office chair in need of a home (at the time he was still connected to the stand). I spent the next two days with him...we had some quality time together whilst I ripped ALL of my music onto the computer. Very soon he made a loud "CRACK" and he became very unstable. We were so worried for him. When Mister Moses tried to turn him upside down to investigate, the chair part toppled right off the stand...he had been DECAPITATED! (thanks to my fat bottom spending a whole twelve hours nonstop sitting on him).

Jesse tried to convince me that our beloved chair still had amazingly useful qualities such as his potential to become the best gaming chair ever...And I knew that it was only a matter of time before I insisted that he be removed from the apartment. (I don't need one more thing making it easier for my husband to game.)

Alas, the time came on an early spring morning when I could no longer take it and I ordered that poor broken chair OUT! To the dumpster...NOW! Dear Mister Moses had one last long sit...I even had one last long sit at the request of Mister Moses to show my respect. Then, a pouting Mister Moses carried that decrepit old chair out to the dumpster.

(I later checked the dumpster to make sure the chair had really made it there and was not hiding in Mister Mosai's car like other things I have sent to the dumpster in the past.)

Dear Chair: We miss you!

Who needs flowers?

Yesterday I came home to find the sweetest surprise that my dear husband Jesse has ever left for me. I was SO happy to see it. It helped me to remember his love for me and showed that he cares for me and my interests.

Here it is...

Yes folks...that is our toaster. But look! NO CRUMBS!

But it gets better! As I went to put away the cord and store the toaster in the cupboard where it belongs...

I noticed that he had already taken care of that cord!

Most girls swoon over flowers and other pretty things and though I wouldn't refuse something of that sort, I really loved this remarkable surprise.

He knows me so well.

29 June 2009

Della, Don't Move

Today while I was sitting at the computer, blog-stalking everyone I know...don't judge...my sexy husband comes in and says, "Della, don't move." So I very slow look up and my eyes come to rest upon a HUGE hornet flying above my head just exploring our cute apartment. Can't really blame him... I would want to see my apartment too. Anyways, while the uninvited insect flew around our apartment...Jesse chased him with a sandal and waited for him to land. I did my wifely duty of jumping around frantically trying to stay out of his way.

This is my hero....sexy husband Jesse

This is what remains of the intruder...

Don't worry...we don't treat all of our guests this way...Just the uninvited ones.

28 June 2009

Snow White

I heard a song today while listening to pandora...Snow White by Jaymay. I LOVE IT!
This beautiful new song made me think back to when Jesse and I were dating.

I loved that man from the moment I saw that crooked smile...However, I couldn't tell him that. We had talked about the "L" word before and he said, "I won't just say it back if you say if first. I want to mean it." So I decided to wait...wait until I was sure that it was the word I wanted to use to describe my feelings, and until I thought maybe I had a chance of hearing it back soon. It didn't take long for me to know again that I did honestly love this man and it was so hard to keep it to myself, but I held true to my promise...

"I love you but I'm going to keep quiet about it. I love you but I'm keeping my mouth shut about it"

...It was like this for me until one day in early April...I couldn't keep it in anymore. It threatened to pop out every second I was with him. We couldn't have that! If I was going to say it, then it was going to be a composed thought, not a reckless form of word vomit.

That night while he was half asleep and it was about time for me to go home I whispered close to his ear "I love you" and he hugged me tight. I was so relieved.

The next day he said it back. I suppose the rest is history and I'm so grateful to not have to hear "Loke" ever again.

Jaymay. "Snow White." Lyrics. Jaymay and Kayoko. Indie, 2006

The New Leaf

Thanks to Best Friend Annie I am turning over A NEW LEAF! I just went through and fixed my blog so that it is cute enough to look at and I now resolve to create at least four new blog posts during the month of July. That's at least one per week, and heaven knows there will be enough to blog about this month. I KNOW I can do this. Wish me Luck!