07 October 2014

9 Months:Pigtails

On the 4th, I celebrated the fact that Alice has been in our lives for 9 long months. This means that she has officially been "out" for as long as she was "in," and that's a big deal in my book.

This past month, I've been amazed at how old my sweet baby is getting. She crawls. She can feed herself. She'll even wave to you if she's in the mood. It should also be noted that Oliver almost obsessed with giving her walking lessons. 

Also, now that she's been around for nine months, her already unruly hair (aka: Alice's Baby Mullet) has reached a level of ridiculous that is no longer endearing. Pigtails are definitely in our future. 

30 September 2014

Alice: Months 7 and 8

In true, second child fashion, I have provided no official monthly update for Alice for the past couple of months. I also haven't taken many pictures of her. I'm feeling sort of sick about those two facts.

Just know that she and her continually crazy hair were simply adorable.

She started to roll. That made things interesting.

She learned to sit. It took her some time (as in, well meaning people were constantly asking me how old she was, and then why she wasn't sitting yet, and then telling me how petite she was, asking me if she was meeting her milestones, telling me stories about how their friend's cousin's brother's baby was diagnosed as failure to thrive but they turned out ok, and generally freaking me out), but she learned and all is well.

We started to feed her real food. She loves it so much that she yells at us when we don't shovel it into her pretty little mouth fast enough. We also started feeding her bottles full of thick, nutritious formula, because I was tired of having hourly anxiety about whether she was actually growing or not. She grew.

She grew two teeth, and was very amicable about the whole thing.

She has continued to enjoy daily mauling by her brother. Every day I watch them interact and think "surely, today is the day she will be squished or broken," so I pester Oliver to be gentle and then negates everything I say by laughing... She loves it. 

She started scooting, and pulling herself up onto the furniture, and climbing over barricades, and constantly reinforcing the importance of baby proofing our home, which we still have yet to really do. She can crawl, but she chooses not to. She is still happy and easy going. There are members of our family that insist that they have never heard her cry, and while we know better, we have to admit that it could be much, much worse.


27 September 2014

Apple Picking

Somewhere just outside Blanding, there is a family owned Apple Orchard that Jacque told us about. So, one sunny Saturday in September, we went adventuring.

14 September 2014

Our Blanding House

"Blanding House." Illustrations by Oliver J.

This is the way that the house looked when our landlords sent pictures over the summer. Oliver added pictures of our family living there and taking care of it. One day, when we finally have some furniture and decorate the place, we'll post some real pictures. For now, it looks pretty similar to this.

That is Jesse working on the roof, and either me or Oliver is talking to him while he works.

This is Oliver sleeping in his new bed. Jesse and I actually took the room with the green grass carpet when we moved in, but Oliver didn't mind when he saw that the kids' room had hot lava carpet.

This is Jesse in the kitchen.

This is me in the kitchen mopping the floor.

This is Oliver outside playing with the hose.

It is an old house and has a few quirks, but it is a palace compared to the other places we have lived. We are very fortunate to have found such a great rental in Blanding. We anticipate that this will be our home for the foreseeable future.

27 August 2014

Maryland Has Been So Good To Me

So... we're moving. 

Jesse was offered a job in Montezuma Creek, Utah. While South East Utah wasn't even on our radar, a PA recruiter called and the deal was just too sweet to pass up. We'll be living in Blanding, which is where Jesse grew up. It's a long ways away from anywhere, but we'll have family in town, so hopefully we won't ever feel too lonely. Also, now visiting my family won't require a trip through airport security and five hours in an airborne tube.

I have sold almost all of our furniture. Thank you Craigslist. I dejunked and donated crap that has taken up space in our home like my life depended on it (that was so exhilarating!). Thank you Purple Heart. We are loading everything up into a small pod and shipping it to Salt Lake City. Thank you ABF. 

Though there is still so much that I wanted to see and do, I have done my best to fit in a couple of last minute adventures with friends. I saw Mt. Vernon with Kimber and the Stams. It was breathtaking. And there was this video at the end of the museum...it was supposed to be serious, but I couldn't keep it together. It was so cheesy! And there was a children's choir, and, oh man! I took a kayaking historical tour of Annapolis with Kelli. DO IT! I went to the Naval Academy with Kimber. Jesse and I went to fancy lunch at Fogo de Chao and my taste buds will never, ever be the same. 

This evening, the Stams, Hewitts, and Wrights fed us dinner. The young women came over and helped me clean our entire apartment (many hands make extremely light work, thank you ladies!) and a couple of friends stopped by with treats and "It was so nice to know you" gifts. I know it is cliche to say this, but I cried an awful lot. 

I have to admit that I am a little bit heartbroken over this. I know it is a wonderful opportunity for Jesse and our family. I am confident that we are making the right choice. However, I LOVE Maryland.

 I love that I can go to sightseeing at the drop of a hat. I love the history and culture here. I love the convenience of living in such a large city. I love the trees. I love my ward. I love, Love, LOVE my friends. 

I felt so extraordinarily loved in this place.