12 April 2014

The Story of Jesse's life: Old Love Notes

A text, found on Jesse's old flip phone. Sent August 6, 2010:

Dear Jesse,

I love you. A lot. Even when I go a little crazy... And stomp on your crackers... And nag at you to do things around the shoebox*... And especially when you hold our baby and tell him that we love him. He looks like you, ya know. I hope this love note gave you warm fuzzies. It was meant to be a warm, fuzzy love note.

*Our apartment was small (maybe 450 sq. ft.), and it was shaped like a square. I sometimes called it the shoebox. Especially when waxing poetic for the sake of short love letter.

07 April 2014


My family left yesterday, and I cried.

This morning Oliver woke me up asking when Grandma and Grandpa we're coming to play, and I cried a little more.

It was chilly, so I pulled on my fuzzy robe: grey (...gray?) with white polka dots.

(Incidentally, both "grey" and "gray" are correct ways to spell Orange's favorite neutral color.)

I dressed Alice in something soft and warm as well.

(Incidentally, her clothes were also grey with white polka dots.)

We ate frosted flakes for breakfast which, incidentally, are a cure for almost any ailment.

We then spent the entire day in the house, listening to the rain, eating cinnamon rolls, watching entirely too much reality tv, and feeling rather mopey.

Ok, so my children were fine. I was the mopey one.

(Incidentally, I just had a very vivid memory of the the time I learned the word "mope." Second grade. Mrs. Strader's class. Reading circle.)

Tomorrow, it won't be raining. I will get up, replace the robe with something presentable, open the blinds so the sun can get in, and get back to business as usual. There will be no moping.

But, today? Today was grey. Even the sky thought so!

Incidentally, I played along.

30 March 2014

Simply Absurd

I went to the store the other day for no other reason than that my friends were running errands. 

Did you know that this is one of my very favorite activities? I'm so happy that I have friends that run errands together again.

Anyhow, I wasn't originally going to go because I was home with both children and didn't want to needlessly haul them all over. 

Cue Jesse.

He walked in the door from school earlier than I had expected him to, and heard that my friends would be running errands without me.

"You should go," he said. He even sweetened the deal and agreed to keep both Oliver AND Alice (being left alone with Alice makes him nervous or something).  

Guys, My level of excitement over heading out without two children, a diaper bag, and car seat, to tag a long on some one's errand trip was simply absurd.


I practically danced through the aisles. Ok, I'll admit it. There are a couple of aisles that I literally danced through.

I am out of control.

20 March 2014


Oliver slid his pants drawer open this morning and exclaimed "I DON'T HAVE ANY CLEAN PANTS!" and it was true, so he wore skeleton jammies to preschool. I am SO over laundry.

Jesse spent a million years at the MVA fixing his drivers license. He tried to complain, but I reminded him that every time I've gone to the MVA I've done so with at least one child in tow. I would give anything to go to the MVA and sit quietly by myself for a couple of hours...

I sauteed spinach tonight at the suggestion of my good friend the interweb. I liked it. Also, the spinach helped me feel a little better about all the junk I've been consuming lately. Seriously, don't ask me how many corndogs I ate. Suffice it to say that I won't be buying anymore treats until I recover some self control. I'm just SO HUNGRY all the time.

Alice is a chatterbox and we enjoyed many delightful conversations with her today.

19 March 2014

Solid Evidence

Oliver is sort of a disagreeable little fellow lately, and sometimes, in the middle of a full day of tantrums, constant whining, and his selective listening, it's hard to remember why I like him.

Admitting this to you is a big deal because I have felt a lot of guilt about it lately.

Thankfully, at least once a day, he provides solid evidence to the argument that, though his little mind is somewhat addled by recent big events in our lives, my best friend Ollie is still in there somewhere...

18 March 2014

Guard Dragons

I love the way the big trucks are friends with all of the toys. 

They seem to be able to integrate themselves into any game with any toy. They play with blocks, bugs, potato heads, and so on, and so forth. 

My favorite combination so far has been the big trucks and the two headed dragon. They are a perfect fit.