20 March 2015

The Story Of Jesse's Life: In Which I Feed Him Cat Food

Sometimes, when I'm tired and wait too long to start dinner (as in it's 7 pm and I haven't even decided what to make) I whip out a can of something hiding in the basement storeroom.

Usually it is tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches, but I was feeling too lazy to even make a few grilled cheesies...don't judge me. You've probably been there.

Last night, it was No Bean Chili with corn bread from the freezer.

Neither of us thought it was overwhelmingly appetizing...or healthy.

When we blessed it, we asked that it would please sustain our tummies until we could eat something healthier. We knew we had no business asking for it to "nourish and strengthen" us when it clearly was not full of nutrients.

Jesse accused me of feeding him cat food. 

He wasn't far off base.

Put it on a chili dog, though, and we are all in!

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