15 December 2009

Story of Jesse's Life Part VI

Last night, Jesse took me out...to EAT no less. And it was delicious.

At ten o' clock I began to experience the most unrealistic craving for a root beer float...all I could think about was how delectable the one I has consumed the night before at Sunday Dinner had been...

"Jesse" I said.

He ignored me.

"JESSE...I need a root beer float!"

"Need or want?" he asked.

"NEED...NOW!!!" I said as calmly as I could.

So we jumped in the car and sped over to Wal-Mart for root beer float ingredients...the good ones. And as soon as we got home, I made one for me...


I was so very happy....and Moses thought I was nuts.


  1. Ha ha I could totally hear your voice when I read that. You're not nuts, just Della. :D

  2. Della are you pregnant? This is the story of Jordan's life too currently. Its so fun. Haha!

  3. I was totally stalking your blog and reading EVERYTHING because it's so entertaining ... and I received a comment you left on my blog. I felt really close to you all of a sudden. **grin**

  4. oh dear della, I can't believe my eyes. You're so funny!