08 March 2010

What I learned from a box of Ramen Noodles

Today Jesse and I shared the last Ramen packet from this one and a half year old box of Ramen.

I see this box as a manifestation of the growth that my marriage to Moses has experienced.
Almost exactly a year and a half ago, when Jesse and I were newly married (about three weeks), we made our first trip to the grocery store together as married ducks...

I went with Jesse to make sure he got the right items.

Jesse went with me to make sure I didn't spend too much money.

Jesse had just spent two years on the meager diet of oatmeal, breakfast burritos, spaghetti, mac and cheese, whole milk, and food from the girls apartment downstairs. He hadn't spent more than fifteen dollars on groceries a week. He was very proud of himself, and assumed that we were going to pick up the five ingredients that his weekly diet required and maintain his cheap streak.

I was ready to assume my position as "Domestic Goddess" and had no intention of eating breakfast burritos or spaghetti ever again.

We both had different, yet admirable agendas, however, due to assumptions on both parts, we led each other right to one of our first major spats. It was epic.
We couldn't agree on an appropriate grocery budget

We couldn't agree on
a definition of a "healthy" diet

and we couldn't agree to disagree.

Finally, I approached Moses with a proposition. I would buy a selection of highly inexpensive lunch and snack options so that the only meal that would cost any sum of consequence would be Dinner. I would also learn to plan ahead, bargain shop, and price match like a champ. In exchange for my efforts, I was to be able to buy whatever foods I deemed necessary for improving my cooking skills and filling myself with a healthy variety of foods.

We also agreed not to go grocery shopping together again for a very long time.
I headed out to the store and picked up the items that I needed, along with this box of Ramen.

As our financial situation improved, so did our selection of midday snacks, and the Ramen was put up in the deepest corner of the darkest cupboard.
We still don't go grocery shopping together if we can help it, but on the whole, all other aspects of our marriage have improved tremendously, and we are happier for it.

And all thanks to a little box of Ramen.


  1. Oh Della, I'm going to be just like you when I grow up!
    Love, Dani

  2. I love watching newlyweds go shopping for the first few times.... It's so funny to see how little they spend for the most part out of fear of buying too much or spending too much money. Newlyweds for a box of cereal: "Well it is only a dollar... I guess we can buy one of them." After a while: "Whoa, it's only a dollar? How many of these will fit in our cart?!"