01 April 2010

Pass the Moo-Juice Please!

Last month, Jesse and I polished off some milk...

a lot milk....

and by "a lot" I may or may not be meaning nine and a half gallons of milk...

OK, mostly it was just me drinking the milk...in fact, I do believe that I was experiencing a month long, pregnancy induced craving for moo juice.

I wanted it so badly that periodically, I placed a ban on milk for anyone in the house whose name did not start with a "D" and end with an "ella".

I didn't feel like sharing, that's all.

Jesse ignored me and drank some milk anyway-which was fine-because deep down past my crazy hormones and "middle child" syndrome, I know it was wrong of me to refuse my husband his right to all of the items in the fridge

...well, except for the juice, and the ice cream, oh! and the hummus...

those are all strictly mine!

But I digress

This month I started off by switching from 2% to 1%. I can't tell the difference, and if I'm going to continue to consume copious amounts of milk, maybe I should try a lower fat content...I couldn't hurt right?


  1. AAHH! Did you go into my head and somehow turn into me???

    PS... four months after pregnancy, and it hasn't gotten any better. Just for the record.

  2. Muahaha! Careful... you might actual turn into a cow and give birth to kid with horns... I guess you're mormom tho, so the kid had no chance from the start. I'm glad you're enjoying the hummus!