21 May 2010

The Story of Jesse's Life: Trees

Last night Jesse and I were spending time with friends and the subject of knuckle/body part cracking came up...

which I think is disgusting.

but that's just me.

Jesse-The-Story-Teller started talking about "This One Time in High School" when he was trying to be cool and crack his neck, but instead of feeling good, it hurt...

all I heard was the part about cracking his neck being cool...so I asked him:

"You thought cracking body parts was cool?"

To which he replied (without really thinking about what he was saying):

"Hey! When I was in high school I thought punching trees was cool!"

I lost it...Thought it was hilarious...Laughed so hard I thought my water would break! (maybe you just had to be there...or you just had to be me)

It was the subject matter of my jokes for the rest of the night...I couldn't help it.

He took it very well.

LOVE him!

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