25 April 2011

To Name A Few:

Things I love about Cedar City:
  • My kitchen and everything in it...dishwasher, washer/dryer, stack of new recipes to try
  • Kiana
  • The grocery store
  • Playing with family I rarely saw in the past
  • The ward is VERY friendly...and grown up
  • St. George, Mesquite and Vegas are all closer than they have ever been
  • The fact that my sister will very soonly live just up the street
  • It's so new that it still feels like vacation

Things I don't love about Cedar City:
  • Paying rent/being poor
  • Oliver and the computer share a room...nap time is BORING
  • Four hours to Salt Lake City and everyone in it.
  • Lack of monk parties with ShaNeil
  • Lost craft days with Bree

1 comment:

  1. Hey at least the good out way the bad hehe love you Della. I really like the sound of your kitchen.