31 October 2012

Halloween 2012

A dinosaur and a doll.
We took Oliver J. out for his first Trick or Treating experience.

His favorite treat was the "Happy Ghost"
(a sucker with a tissue and a smiley face)
Jesse and I imposed a candy tax and took all the good candy.
Don't judge.
Oliver isn't really old enough to know the difference...


  1. love your long hair! Cute picture! What was Jesse?

  2. Thank you Connie! And Jesse went as himself for Halloween. However, he did "dress up" for his school party as a monster from an obscure book that we donated called "Jeremy Draws a Monster" by asking me to paint something on his t shirt and then doing his hair crazy. I didn't take any pictures that I know of... It was a little sad. Ha.

  3. You look beautimus! And I won't judge your candy tax--guilty as well!

    Okay, promise I'm done leaving a million comments on your blog now.

  4. Thanks Jessica! And I'm glad there is a whole, not-so-secret alliance of candy stealing parents out there to support us. Haha.

    And, let's be honest, who doesn't love a million comments on their blog? I know I do. Keep up the good work! ;)

  5. You have many more years of candy tax. It doesn't even matter if he understands it. Me and my extra five pounds are here to testify.