14 June 2013

Oliver's Short Lived Swearing Habit

Oliver picked up a little swearing habit for a few days this summer.

His word of choice?


It was first heard while playing in the sprinklers.

My mom said she thought she heard it. I didn't believe her. I'm constantly forgetting that she is always right.

He next used the word while at Grandma Childs' house eating pineapple sherbet. He lost a spoonful of it on the table in front of him and very calmly said, "Dammit, I dropped my ice cream."

I laughed inside, and then had a talk with him about good words and bad words. I think we've got things under control again.


  1. LOL Definitely one for the baby book. The question is... who did he pick it up from? **raised eyebrow** ;)

  2. I'm impressed he used it correctly. Babies swearing is HILARIOUS.