09 August 2013


Today was our fifth wedding anniversary.

Some frequencies for our fifth year:

Five years means...
60 months
260 weeks
1820 days
1 child
3 states
3 cars
6 apartments
and so on and so forth...

This last year was probably our hardest yet, and we still really like each other when you get down to it, which is good news for the future.

In my dreams, we spent our anniversary in Philadelphia seeing the Liberty Bell and pretending to be Rocky.

In real life, we spent our anniversary apart. Jesse surprised Andre with a trip to Six Flags to ride roller coasters and hang out with Wonder Woman, because he's cool like that, and my mom is generous.

I stayed home with Oliver and ordered black out curtains for all of the bedroom windows in the house. Happy anniversary to me!

Tomorrow we will eat some Tuxedo Mousse cake that we picked up for the occasion, and look forward to another year of marital bliss...and some intensely awesome sleep in some intensely dark rooms.

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