23 November 2013

The Story of Jesse's Life: You're Wife is REALLY Pregnant...

I have to say that this pregnancy has been a lot nicer on my marriage than the last one...

Last time, I was a complete hormonal roller coaster (aka a meany pants). Jesse was pretty unsympathetic because he is a boy who thinks about the world in black and white. He knew what was happening in a biological sense, but his logically oriented brain could not reconcile my feelings, needs, and behaviors. 

And sheesh, guys, we were really, really ridiculously young. We have since both agreed that we sort of stunk at supporting each other through it, and that's that. 

This time around, things have been a whole lot better. I made a conscious decision from the beginning that I would try really hard not to be a meany pants, and Jesse has been very aware of and sympathetic to how I feel and what I need, whether his black and white brain (which is slightly less black and white now) can reconcile it logically or not... 

While this pregnancy has been harder for me than the last one, relationship wise, it has been a much more pleasant experience for the both of us

That doesn't mean that he doesn't still tease me about it all... For example: 

A couple of weeks ago, I hit the 32 week mark, and I was feeling it.

I was talking to Jesse about all the things I wanted to do that day that didn't happen, and I qualified myself by saying, "I am eight months pregnant after all, I guess I'm supposed to feel this tired, right?"

(I throw that qualification out a lot because it makes me feel better about how much I stink at life right now.)

So Jesse says to me, "You're only 32 weeks right? Technically, that's only 7 1/2 months because some months are longer than others..."

My response, "I have been pregnant for 32 weeks. That's 8 months, not 7 1/2. And besides, I'm the one growing a baby here, so if I say I'm eight months pregnant, you go with it. Heck, if say I'm 3 years pregnant, you go with it, because I said so."


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