17 February 2014

Happy "Alice's First Smile" Day!

Darling Miss Alice smiled her first social smile last Saturday...which, incidentally, was also my birthday. It was all very magical if you ask me.

Because I was too busy enjoying the smiles, we didn't get any pictures of the momentous occasion until the next day, which happened to be "Alice Wears Her First Dress" day. It was rather serendipitous as it made for some ridiculously adorable photos of this girl and her grin.

And I'd like it to be known that our mutual friend Jesse, who has teased me for MONTHS about my weakness for adorable clothes for this baby...especially anything with ruffles on the bum, delighted in spending all three hours of church showing her and her new dress off to anyone with eyes to see, making sure to point out the ruffly bottom. It seems I'm not the only one with a weakness...

The Bloopers:


This is another of Alice's exceptional facial expressions...only we didn't have to wait six weeks for this phenomenal frown. She's pulled this one since day one.

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