04 May 2014

May the Fourth

My sweet baby is four months old today.

Sweet Baby Alice is happy and playful. She laughs when you tickle her, which isn't hard to do as she is very ticklish everywhere. She has a smile for everyone, but extras for her brother.

You can tell that she especially loves Oliver because she'll put up with all sorts of poking, prodding, and squeezing from him, smiling and laughing all the while, but she yells if anyone else tries to get away with similar shenanigans. There is no doubt that he loves her back. He is constantly telling me how cute she is, talking about how much he loves her, and asking to snuggle her.

 I've taken to calling her Chatty Kathy because she rarely stops talking. She's very alert, and has rolled from tummy to back a total of four times. She now plays with toys, and she still has the craziest hair of any baby I know.

Tonight, I decided that it might be time for her to graduate to the real crib in Oliver's room. I didn't expect this transition to be so difficult...for me, that is. Alice is a champ. There I was putting children to bed and feeling all sad and anxious about the new change. I put Alice down in the crib, walked away to tuck Oliver in, and came back to find her sleeping like it was her job.

I, on the other hand, will probably be sleeping with the baby monitor on the pillow next to me because I'm a little bit crazy.

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