30 September 2014

Alice: Months 7 and 8

In true, second child fashion, I have provided no official monthly update for Alice for the past couple of months. I also haven't taken many pictures of her. I'm feeling sort of sick about those two facts.

Just know that she and her continually crazy hair were simply adorable.

She started to roll. That made things interesting.

She learned to sit. It took her some time (as in, well meaning people were constantly asking me how old she was, and then why she wasn't sitting yet, and then telling me how petite she was, asking me if she was meeting her milestones, telling me stories about how their friend's cousin's brother's baby was diagnosed as failure to thrive but they turned out ok, and generally freaking me out), but she learned and all is well.

We started to feed her real food. She loves it so much that she yells at us when we don't shovel it into her pretty little mouth fast enough. We also started feeding her bottles full of thick, nutritious formula, because I was tired of having hourly anxiety about whether she was actually growing or not. She grew.

She grew two teeth, and was very amicable about the whole thing.

She has continued to enjoy daily mauling by her brother. Every day I watch them interact and think "surely, today is the day she will be squished or broken," so I pester Oliver to be gentle and then negates everything I say by laughing... She loves it. 

She started scooting, and pulling herself up onto the furniture, and climbing over barricades, and constantly reinforcing the importance of baby proofing our home, which we still have yet to really do. She can crawl, but she chooses not to. She is still happy and easy going. There are members of our family that insist that they have never heard her cry, and while we know better, we have to admit that it could be much, much worse.


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