18 September 2009

Home Is...

Lately, I have been homesick.

I have missed my family, friends, and even the smell of the laundry detergent that my mom used to wash my clothes with.

This morning I opened the blinds in our tiny Anderson apartment, and the sunlight burst through to greet me. It reminded me of many mornings in my parents' home when the sun shone through the windows with the same vibrant golden color. I stood there briefly feeling somewhat nostalgic, and more homesick than ever. Immediately, the light warmed my soul, and whispered to my heart,

"This place can be home too."
It was as though that sunlight had exposed the secret desire hidden deep within my heart to be home, and had given me a precious gift.

I looked around the little apartment stuffed full of our things, and for the first time since Jesse and I moved in, my heart is here at Anderson, and we all know that
"Home is where the heart is."

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