02 September 2010

Sometimes I Don't Make Sense To Myself.

For instance:
When I lay Oliver in his crib at night I have a hard time leaving him there. Its as if my mind is trying to convince me that something terrible will happen during the night and if he's in another room, or not in my arms I might loose him. This only happens at night...not at any of the various nap times throughout the day.

Crazy. I know.

But I also know that he'll be fine.

So I put him down anyway, kiss his little face, and walk away to my own bed where I turn the monitor up loud and fall asleep to sound of Oliver breathing...because I just can't seem to shake the crazy completely.


  1. Della Marie - You are absolutely darling. This post made me smile. Knowing you, your an incredible mother. Oliver is so blessed to have you. I cant wait to meet him someday!

  2. I understand that feeling completely! When I would get those thoughts I would hand my burden of worry to Heavenly Father and know things would be alright. I know...typical answer, but it helps.

  3. me either...I feel the same way about tanner...it is crazy how the nights become so scary somehow, but the light makes everything alright. I love you... Me :)