25 September 2010

Remember that one time after Oliver J. was born...

I was sewing a gift for someone,

You were playing with Ollie, reminding him not to fall too hard for Izzie,

We watched a whole season of Grey's Anatomy in one day...

Well, today I'm watching Grey's, sewing gifts and now Ollie's crushing on Little Grey...lovely.

Miss you Kiana.


  1. well I am not Kiana obviously, but I think little Grey is better than older Grey. For one she is smarter and more mature and doesn't come with as much baggage :)

  2. Okay that face is just priceless! Oh and Della I hope you know I always look forward to reading your blog. Your just amazing like that!

  3. Oh my gosh. I miss you both MORE! I love that littler Oliver J. I hope he still remembers me! And Little Grey is MUCH better than Izzie. She would be a could catch. I would be better :)

    Love and miss you!