03 October 2010

To My Boys

I love you! I recognize that you have an intensely busy schedule due to your WalMart work and that ridiculous yet necessary study schedule. Thank you for working so hard on behalf of your wife and infant son. And thank you for recognizing my efforts to make your life easier...it makes it easier to put in the effort. Your enterprise blesses our lives significantly and will continue to do so. Love, your Wifey

My dear little boy you are an absolute joy. I never expected, nor do I deserve such a delightfully mellow baby. Your disposition allows me to take you just about anywhere, and feed you just about anything...which is convenient. I love watching you grow. I love your wide smiles and silly giggles. I love you so much I'll even drink soy milk for you! You bring so much sunshine to your parents lives. We are so happy that you are ours forever. You are The Cuteness! Love, your Mom

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