19 November 2010

The Story of Jesse's Life: His Independant Woman

Yesterday, Jesse and I were chatting...about nothing really. And then he got serious.

He told me that before we were married, my soda Pop warned him that I had been raised to be responsible, capable, and independent.

I don't remember the exact words that were used, but my friend Jesse appreciates me.

He appreciates that I:

spend time with my friends regularly...and I don't ask permission
spend money when I want/need to...and I don't ask permission

He appreciates that I am responsible, capable, and independent...and I don't ask permission

I appreciate that he doesn't expect me to.

We both appreciate parents who raised responsible, capable, independent women, and respectful, patient men.

Sweethearts 2008

Funny story about the picture: Jesse looked at it the other day and said "Why did I wear a blue tie with a black shirt?" I laughed and said to myself ,"I didn't really know at the time either"...

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