07 June 2011

Yesterday with Grandma

 My mom texted me photos and updates on my Ollie friend:

Seeing Ollie Pop and hearing about his day was the highlight of mine.

Ollie and his monkey feet.
(This is how he sits in his high chair too...)

When I asked if he was being friendly and sociable instead of crawling away from people and crying like he usually does Mom said:

"He and I are tight. (He comes running to hide from Bryan and Heather)."

Super. Well at least he likes someone.

What a goon.


  1. Oh goodness that little boy is defiantly a goon!!!! But a very handsome one at that. Thanks for yesterday by the way it was GREAT!!!!

  2. Whatever, he was dying for Heather when I was holding him. I was only torturing him a little bit!