25 July 2011

A Love Note to my Indian friend...Hola!

I have a brown friend named Kiana.

We met in Human Development, but didn't talk until that blessed semester when I took bowling and early childhood...bet you can't guess who was in both of those classes? 

The Indian. 

She may have been the only person I knew at the time who actually liked my Moses friend...

After she left Snow College, she visited me in Ephraim more than anyone else I know. 

We may or may not have had a falling out because of how I let her find out about my pregnancy, but she was the first to say "I'm sorry" and show up on my doorstep with wild sunflowers from the roadside to grace my kitchen after Oliver J. was born (In fact, she was the first person ever to call him Oliver J.)...

She truly is the best house guest... 

Oh! And she loves to send cards.

And run errands...which makes hanging out effortless. 

And she made calling people and inanimate objects "Ninja" cool...yeah, I stole that from her. 

And she was the person who first introduced me to the blogosphere.

Now we are pretty tight...at least I think so because we mention each other on our blogs sort of regularly...who doesn't love a good shout out?

It has to be said that seeing Kiana every weekday morning for Math 2020 with Jana is seriously keeping me sane through this LONG, Single mom summer during which I have been so desperate the company of almost everyone else that I love.

Anyway, three years ago today we sat on a curb in downtown Salt Lake, watched the parade, saw the prophet, and celebrated our fine friendship.  This morning she texted me a "Happy Anniversary" in honor of the first of many Kiana and Della Days.

If I had my own computer at my disposal, I would post the goofy picture of me, Kiana, and Kiana's umbrella hat at the parade...for now you'll have to just imagine it.

If you are perhaps interested in Kiana's side of the story, or those silly pictures I mentioned, check here. And let's all be thankful that my sweet indian friend took the time to edit those pictures before she placed them on the interweb. Seriously, she's one of the best! 

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  1. Yes, yes I am crying semi hard as I am reading this! I love it. Who doesn't love a WHOLE POST about them! Seriously. I do not know what I would do without you. I am so glad that you decided to come to Cedar for a little minute, if anything you came to Cedar for me. I love you long long time and I am so thankful for you and your cute family!