27 July 2011

Went to pick up my mail yesterday at the Cedar City apartment and found that the "For Rent" sign had been taken down...After a quick chat with the Rowleys it was confirmed, there is a new couple lined up to take our place...and, she was quick to toss in, she won't be charging me for cleaning. I think she feels bad about her shenanigans from earlier this month...maybe not, but it sure makes me feel better to imagine that she does.

Thankfully, after I turn in our keys later this week, the Cedar City apartment that was supposed to be perfect, with the landlords who were supposed to be so nice...(neither statement turned out to be true...it is such a long story) will be history and I can look forward with somewhat wary eyes to the new apartment we will be renting in Malad.

One day, I will buy a house...Hopefully that day will be sooner than later.

But it won't be a humongous house because today I cleaned at least 400 square feet of bathroom (I am SO not exaggerating)...and I don't plan to do THAT for the rest of my life.

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  1. Ugh ... my sympathies. I hate cleaning bathrooms. And good luck in Malad! I'm assuming Malad, ID ... and if you ever feel like making the hour drive to Logan we can hang out sometime!