06 December 2011

The Bug

Yesterday I had the flu...or something like unto it because, if you'll remember, I did get a flu shot.

It was awful.

Caring for a baby while I'm sick is my worst nightmare...just the thought of it terrifies me...so you can imagine how I felt when I woke up feeling ill and realized that Jesse was headed to work.

I had no energy, I was so nauseous, and every time I threw up, I had to rub Oliver's belly because he was so disturbed by it. Luckily, Ollivander kept his manners about him, took both naps, and didn't get into too much trouble when I fell asleep on the couch. Jesse fed him breakfast and lunch, and I watched movies all day.

I have so much respect for any woman who has ever felt the way I did yesterday and managed motherhood with any sort of grace.


  1. Agreed. I sometimes look back and wonder how in the world Gabe survived Nate's pregnancy--it's a huge blessing to have a good little guy during those times. You're such a good mom. :) Hope you're back to 100% in a jiff!

  2. That's something I've been paranoid about lately, especially since Brad came home from school feeling a little under the weather. I dread the day, heaven forbid, I get sick and Brad is gone all day, leaving me with Emily all day.