30 December 2011

Ollie has a habit...

Instead of soothing himself by sucking his thumb, tickling a blanket, or cuddling a toy, he rubs his hair.

It is pretty adorable, but he ends up with big knots on the back of his head after long car rides and restless nights.

I've been combing them out for months because I love his long curls, however, this morning I declared ENOUGH.

I got brave, plopped him in the bath tub and pulled out the scissors and a comb.

It couldn't have gone much worse and it could look a hundred times better, but it's done.

Besides, he doesn't care what it looks like as long as he can reach it.

In the words of my mom "Goodbye baby, Hello little boy!"

1 comment:

  1. I noticed him doing this while Grandpa was holding him on Christmas night. SO cute!!!!