08 April 2012

Mrs. Alger

From my journal, December 20th 2011:

"Ann is fifty-something, but talks with me like we are the same age. She wears purple mascara on weekdays and has FUN...Ann likes to be called Mrs. Alger rather than Ann. She believes it is best to call everyone by their highest title...she calls me Mrs. Moses. She once had a set of 15 garden flamingoes and makes the best soup I have ever tasted. The Very Best. I think she is my favorite part about Malad."

When Jesse and I first moved here, Ann and I were assigned as Visiting Teaching partners. She took Ollie and me on a tour of the town and bought me lunch at the drive in. She wanted me to feel welcome...

She always had a sincere compliment and a bright smile.

She proved that a sophisticated woman could also be a whimsical one.

I treasured our conversations about motherhood and the mysteries of the gospel.

I loved hearing her firm testimony, which she shared willingly and often.

She was a superb example of a righteous woman.

I truly considered her to be one of my dearest friends, though I only knew her short time.

Today I learned that my sweet friend, Mrs. Alger, passed away suddenly last week from very serious medical complications.

I am a little bit heartbroken...


  1. Oh, I am so sorry. It's a good thing we know that you can see her again and tell her how much you appreciated her wonderful example. Hugs.

  2. This makes my heart sad for you. I wish you still just lived across campus. If you did, I would rush my happy box over to you and let you secretly peek inside! Then you would smile. :) I'm so sorry about Mrs. Alger!

  3. I'm sorry to hear that Della. :(

  4. Lisa and Annie, thank you.

    Jessica, you are so right. I had the same thought in sacrament when others in the ward were sharing memories of her throughout testimony meeting. What a beautiful gift the Plan of Salvation really is.

    ShaNeil, Thank you. I too wish that I lived across campus...I am sad that I missed my chance to peek into the box. But grateful that I am usually too happy to qualify for that honor.

    Thank you all for being such kind an supportive friends.