16 August 2012

In Which I Participate

Today before I left for the weekly Young Women activity, I looked down at my skirt and deliberated.

Here's what happened in my head:

We're combined with the boys. I think they wanted to play sports. I should change the skirt...

No. I don't like sports. I'm keeping the skirt. That way I'll have an excuse not to play...

I really should change. I should set an example...

No. I'm keeping the skirt and that's that.

I was almost out the door when Jesse confronted me:

"I thought they were playing sports. You can't wear a skirt. You need to participate. Go change into pants."

Who does he think he is? My mom???

In the end, I left the house in shorts...

but you can bet that I made sure not to wear sensible shoes!

Just keeping my options open.

***For the record, we ended up playing soccer. And yes. I did play. Sandals and all.

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