25 August 2012

The Story of Jesse's Life: The Art of Video Games

My husband is a nerd (and I mean that in the nicest way possible).
He really likes video games.
I've come to terms with it, and (to his credit) he has done a lot of growing up about it in the four years that we've been married, but the fact still remains: He loves them.
So when he found that the American Art Museum was hosting an exhibit called "The Art of Video Games," he practically skipped his way onto the metro to see it.
We walked in, and though I was struggling with all of the loud music and flashing lights. (I think that's what we call over stimulation), I could tell that Jesse was in his version of heaven.
The most interesting tidbit about video games that I learned from the experience: Halo (the game that keeps on going) has actually been around since the original Atari system. That's a long time in video game years!
But would you like to see something hilarious?
The exhibit had a few game demos that museum patrons could sample. Games like Pac Man and Super Mario Bros (the original) were projected onto a wall and you controlled them from a little podium in front. Awesome presentation, right? 
Jesse waited about as patiently as a pacing tiger very patiently for his turn to play Pac Man, which he settled for because the line for Super Mario was LONG...

What I can't get over is the image of this line of little kids waiting about as patiently as a pack of hungry hyenas very patiently while that fully grown adult plays through a round of Pac Man...
Cracks me up every time I see it.
What did Oliver J. and I do while Jesse saw all that there was to see?
Sat quietly in the corner and took grainy, poorly lit, blue photos of our adorable selves while we waited about as patiently as an elephant who has just spotted a mouse very patiently.
Also, I'm not sure what the safari animal similes are all about...it started with one, and the rest just came naturally...Maybe I just like safari animals. Golly.
And just so you know, I REALLY like Jesse.

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