09 December 2012

Official Report:

The morning started with a question posed by Jesse at the breakfast table:

"Ollie, are you going to see Grandma today?"

To which Oliver bellowed,


Which confirmed my suspicions...I was in for a long day.

However, I'm happy to report that I was pleasantly surprised!

Jesse left us at the security gate where the line was short. We walked through the Southwest terminal and found a great big window lined with rocking chairs. We snagged one and watched a plane take off...

My little friend Oliver J. was fascinated, as I knew he would be. His no flying resolve seemed to be waning, and the deal was sealed when the pilots waved goodbye to Oliver from the cockpit as they pulled away.

"I want to fly on a plane, Mommy"

And we did.

The first few hours were great, the last two were a little rough, and at the end of hour five, we were both ecstatic to finally be landing.  But we made it! And that's what matters.

Salt Lake City greeted us with snow flurries, and loving family members. They even held a sign! (Which I should have snapped a picture of, but I was so sick of juggling my carry ons and rummaging to find things).

We are so happy to be home!


  1. That's awesome! And you're a brave woman. That is a LONG flight with a little guy.

  2. Lucky to find a direct flight too! They are worth the extra $$ when flying with little ones.