15 January 2013

6 Sticks

Today was Jesse's 28th birthday. 

He asked for chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, just has he has for the last four January fifteenths that I've had the pleasure of spending with him.

This year, my good friend Martha helped me make a fancy schmancy chocolate cake from scratch with three layers and six whole sticks of butter.

That's right yikes.

Oliver and I went rummaging through the toys to find something to decorate this gargantuan cake with. We settled on tractors, of course.

Jesse and I could only stomach a sliver of a piece (it was so rich) while Oliver would have eaten five pieces if we let him. He only had one piece, but by the time he was done he couldn't sit still.

Afterwards, Jesse retired to his desk for hours of study, as he does every night. 

That was the extent of his birthday celebration...10 minutes for some chocolate cake.

Life is pretty crazy, and 6 sticks of butter is about as good as it gets for us right now...I guess that's a little hard for me to come to terms with...

Though I do love butter, and it's more than a lot of people get, so I think I'll manage.

But we are definitely going to need some help polishing this baby off...I'm not sure what I was thinking....

Any takers???


  1. If I was anywhere nearby, I would totally volunteer. Looks delicious! Way to go!

  2. oh my gosh. I'm tempted to book a flight.

  3. I can't get there but could I pay to send it here? I've already printed out the recipe. It looks so good, and I'm especially interested in the frosting....

  4. YUMMY!!! I want a piece. Looks good!