24 January 2013

A Collection of Heathers: Original Art by Oliver

Today Oliver announced that he wanted to color Heather. This quickly turned into a collection of waxy scribbles of his aunt Heather on the back of Jesse's unused note cards. Each one different than the one before.

Ollie's descriptions of his pictures are as follows:

Heather with a nose:

Heather with blueberry eyes and legs:

Heather with legs, feet, and eyes:

Heather with owies on her legs and feet:

And last, but certainly not least, Heather with hair:

What did Oliver say when he was all done? 

"Mama, I LOVE Heather so MUCH"

We are ABSOLUTELY turning these into postcards and using them for our mail correspondence with Miss Heather! Hopefully they will make her day...well, five of her days!


  1. love it! thats good drawings!

  2. Wow--his art is remarkable! I taught four and five year olds in preschool who couldn't put together a picture as well as he can! He's a smartie!