10 May 2013

Oliver's feelings about school...

Oliver has a really hard time with the school business.

Jesse is Oliver's favorite person, and that fact that Jesse is always gone, or is always studying makes us all a little blue, especially Oliver.

Sure, he puts on a brave face and distracts himself with toys, snacks, and blues clues.

But when you're reading the monster book about feelings, and you ask Oliver what makes him sad, his little bottom lip will pop out, and he will always say, "I'm sad when my Daddy goes to schoo."

Yesterday, Jesse took and passed his last test of the semester (HOORAY!), He came home and played cars with Oliver. He took Oliver to the park, and snuggled with him on the couch.

Ollie was in heaven!

This morning, Jesse had one more class scheduled, so that the teachers could have one more chance to try to prepare them for their clinical year (on the 28th, Jesse starts a cycle of two back to back five week rotations, followed by two weeks off that will last until August of next year.)

As soon as Oliver heard Jesse talking about going to school, Oliver acted as though he had been tricked! As though all the playing and the park meant nothing if Jesse was just going to abandon him today.

Hopefully we can all make the most of the next two weeks, and then cross your fingers that my plan to distract Oliver with Grandpa, Grandma, Andre, Weddings, Swimming, and so on, will help him get over the shock of the heinous new school schedule.

And hopefully the next year will go by faster than the last one.

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