18 May 2013

One Whole Year

Hey! Guess what!

As of today, we have officially lived in Maryland for ONE.WHOLE.YEAR!

It's been bumpy, and it has been long. In many ways, it's been the hardest thing we've ever done. 

However, at the same time, it's been an adventure. A great, big, exciting adventure. 

We celebrated today by helping a couple from Utah unload their moving truck a couple of streets over. They've also come for the Physician Assistant program and they've been nice enough to let us take care of them the way that others took care of us last year. Hopefully they don't feel like we're killing them with kindness.

Oliver chose to celebrate by partying it up in the "BIG HUGE moving truck."

I want to thank all of our friends and family for their kindness and love. We've made it through a whole year of PA school in a new place with a young child. We've appreciated every phone call, every letter, every visit, every treat, every gift, and every encouraging word. From everyone.

It's hard not to be intimidated by the upcoming year, but I know that somehow, together, we're going to be just fine.

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